times are hard for the head of State. After 531 days at the Elysée palace, and back to 2018 catastrophic, Emmanuel Macron begins to accuse the shot. And some of her loved ones are worried. “It took costly” says one of them in Paris . “He loses weight before our eyes,” says a minister while the tenant of the Elysée palace appears with traits of more and more marked.

” It is inherent in the office of the president. They all look ancient, ” related a friend of the head of the State with the daily. If Emmanuel Macron is, at 40 years old, much younger than his predecessors, the management of crises, the heavy agenda and the international context, especially tense, begin to weigh. In a year and a half, 170 travels in France and 66 abroad have been registered.

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visit this Monday in the Aude, the president of the Republic to go to Slovakia, then Czech Republic on 26 and 27 October, before returning to France for a trip of eight days in the eastern part of the country. A “furious pace,” described a former member of the Elysée palace as a prominent member of the government says that it is not ” human “.

“He kills himself at the task”

” This is a period of doubts. He is unsure of everything, ” said in the columns of the Parisian another of his loved ones. So, the president, in the hollow of the wave wonders, consults with his contemporaries, the night on Telegram, sometimes up to 3 hours in the morning. “At every door he tries to open, it takes a wall, a quack or a dud. Around him, one wants to seduce it, not serve it. It is unfair because he kills himself at the task “, is nervous in The new yorker a close friend of the president.

To relax, rest the official residence of the Lantern, at the palace of Versailles, where he goes sometimes on the weekend with Brigitte Macron. And boxing, and from time to time, with one of its security officers, history to make the shots.