Sports commentator Vasily Utkin, who had been involved in a protracted conflict with the TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov, on its YouTube channel said he was not going to “develop the confrontation.” The blogger admitted that he was “tired”.

While Utkin has not excluded that at the end of one story “start new”. Commentator sure – rebound his opponent now will “younger brothers” because “the target is still seductive.”

“however, I am absolutely not ashamed and do not regret their actions, because any aggressor needs to go all out”, he said.

According to Utkin, in conflict with Solovyov and speech could not go about discussing a problem in which the opponents do not have to “destroy” each other.

“In this case it was about something else entirely. I’m sure stood up to the villain. It happened, he screamed from the pain,” said the commentator.

The blogger added that it will continue to do what you love, and expressed the hope that his movies will also appear in trends YouTube as in the period of confrontation with the presenter.

As reported by “the Rambler”, the conflict between the two media erupted after critics Utkin of the Russian authorities, which, in his opinion, is not enough to support citizens during a pandemic. Solovyov said that he wants “a good punch” commentator. The confrontation resulted in mutual insults in the videos. In this personal conversation, the opponents abstained.