Just a few days ago, Märtha Louise of Norway and shaman Durek Verrett got engaged. In an interview, the two now reveal more details about their engagement and why they are creating a “precedent” in the European royal families.

When Princess Märtha Louise of Norway and Durek Verrett made their relationship public, the two had to endure a lot of criticism and malice. Not everyone agreed with the 50-year-old’s choice of heart. This was not only due to the dubious healing methods and spiritual views of her new friend. Hostility to racism also became part of the sad everyday life of the two. Märtha Lousie and Durek nevertheless defy all odds. The two have been a couple for three years now and have now decided to take the final step: they are engaged. In an interview with “people.com” they now revealed how emotional the marriage proposal went on stage.

The Los Angeles-based spirit guide had summoned Martha Louise to the country for an intimate meeting. Durek himself was very excited. “I was very nervous because I was going through a lot of emotions – fear and stress,” said the 47-year-old healer. “And I wanted it to be perfect for my beloved.” The shaman finally knelt in front of the princess at the horse track in San Juan Capistrano, California. “I was shocked,” Märtha Louise recalled of the magical moment, “and this massive wave of emotions went through me and made me tremble. It was so moving and wonderful that the man I love more than anything in this world knelt down and asked for my hand.” Durek left nothing to chance. The location was also perfectly chosen. The proposal took place under a large tree, surrounded by horses. “That was something very special for me,” continued Märtha Louise. “My connection to nature and to horses is deep in my heart. I was struck by how special and sacred he made this moment for both of us. I couldn’t stop crying.”

It’s no coincidence that this moment was so overwhelming for both of them. For years both have had to fight for their love. Above all, the experiences with racism welded the couple even closer together. Märtha Louise also revealed that her relationship with Durek was “eye-opening” in this regard. “I have a patient husband who enlightens me on the issues of black culture, how it relates to white privilege, and how as a couple we need to deal with people’s fears and prejudices to show that love knows no boundaries.” Durek agrees, adding, “Love can break down barriers and limitations.” Marrying into European royalty as a black man is an important step for Durek: “It will set a precedent for people like me, that we will not be forgotten and that we deserve to be recognized for our greatness and for who we are and where we come from.”

Princess Märtha Louise of Norway and American shaman Durek Verrett have become engaged. The couple announced this on Tuesday. King Harald V and Queen Sonja send congratulations.

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