The “New press”, a local newspaper in Hannover, fires reported over the target: that Alex will Free the new coach of Hannover 96.

So far it is not to VIEW information for a long time. Really wants to do that in the next few days a decision is pending on whether the record goalscorer of the national team coaching Job. And that he is led in Hanover conversations.

Meanwhile, Hannover Boss Martin kind comment and for a Young coach. “I think we should have the courage to take a future-oriented decision to engage a hungry, fresh coach with prospects.”

Free of the new brand is to be a man

He thinks of Julian nail man (32), the power in the case of Hoffenheim and RB Leipzig an excellent Job. “Basically, this is similar to the players: Even in the case of first-class coaches, it is important to discover this in time. I still remember 2014 as the TSG Hoffenheim at HDI Arena self the A-juniors final against our Junior 5:0 has won. Coach of the hope Heimer Julian nail man, whose Name barely knew one of them was at the time. Today, he is one of the most sought-after coach on the market,” says child.

The question is: Will Free soft? He goes full of risk, and does the Job with the Chaos club? It is clear that Many experts in the football Business, fear that the hopeful Trainer-Talent to the table 13. the 2. The Premier League might burn the Finger. To much trouble to be locking in the guide.