He gave his life for us: in China mourn the doctor who first recognized coronavirus

the Chinese doctor, who warned the authorities about a new type of coronavirus 2019-nCo and was arrested for spreading false rumors, died in hospital. He became one of the youngest victims of the infection. Now Beijing finds out why authorities in Hubei province have ignored the message about the disease.

If Wanliang — normal ophthalmologist from Wuhan. Worked in one of city hospitals. In December 2019 he found seven cases of an unknown disease. His agent was a coronavirus.

“In a group chat I have published the following information: “Confirmed seven cases of a new disease”. After the publication of the news I was found the public security Bureau and issued a warning statement. Since then I have worked in a usual mode. But after receiving a patient with coronavirus, I started coughing, had a fever and I was hospitalized”, — reported earlier, Lee Wenliang.

his words colleagues have not listened. To prove his innocence, the doctor has published observations in Chinese social media. On his page he talked about the symptoms and gave advice on how to avoid the disease. It became known yesterday that a doctor had died from the coronavirus in a hospital in Wuhan.

“He certainly did a great job. He saw the virus, he recognized, distinguished from other viruses. He became infected. Of course, he knew what would happen to him, and in spite of this, he began to describe all the symptoms to make it easier for people to recognize this virus. He made a great contribution with their lives” — says physician Catherine a stutterer.

In Hong Kong commemorated in honor of the doctor. Condolences expressed in all regions of China. Upon learning of the death of the doctor, in the Chinese social networks started to gain popularity the hashtag “Banliang” is the name of the doctor. The Chinese post words of sympathy, drawing portraits of medic and saying that he was fully committed to the profession.

“We took seriously the news of his death. He gave his life for us ordinary people. We are extremely grateful to him”, — says a resident of Beijing, Wu Jiang.

“I am very sad. He was such a good man. I can’t find the words to Express their emotions,” — says In Yanqing, a resident of Beijing.

“He showed us all an example. He was honest and faithful to his cause. Such a person need to take an example”, — said Cai Ling, a resident of Beijing.

In the Western media began to appear numerous notes about the fact that the Chinese authorities tried to conceal the death of the Chinese doctors. This version adhere to, for example, in the air force.

“around Here, a respected man again it is not very good for China background. Again, the BBC in the forefront,” explains Mikhail shchelkanov, head of the International scientific-educational center.

Experts believe that the way Western journalists were just trying to gain views on a popular topic, forgot about it, what contribution to the story Whether Benliang have already made.