There are new reports from prison about Boris Becker (54) almost every day. Various sources report how he is doing there and what problems he is supposed to have. Now his German media lawyer Christian-Oliver Moser has spoken out and cleared up many rumors and untruths.

“Almost nothing that has been read in the big headlines in the last few weeks is true,” says Moser in an interview with “RTL”, who previously spoke to Becker and spoke at his express request. It annoys the tennis star very much when untruths are spread about him: “He doesn’t want to and can’t accept that.”

Then Moser gets specific and gives examples of untruths about Becker. “He didn’t press any emergency buttons, that’s fictitious,” says the lawyer about the report that the tennis legend is said to have gotten help in this way several times. “He didn’t complain either. He doesn’t whine.”

The reported transfer of Becker to another wing did not exist either. The media reported that he had been transferred to a ‘feel-good wing’. That’s not true either.” Becker is still in the block to which he was brought after the verdict. “He only changed cells once.”

The lawyer can only guess where the false information from prison came from. “Maybe there are people who work in the prison and think they can provide information,” the lawyer speculates. However, these are “definitely not valid”. Most recently, a prison employee spoke to the media and provided information about Becker’s supposed condition.

Moser, who has already publicly reprimanded Becker’s ex-wife Lily Becker (45) for her statements about Boris, then also reveals how his client’s condition in prison really is. “He’s doing well given the circumstances. Of course the situation is not nice, but he accepts it.”

Above all, Becker gives strength to his girlfriend Lilian, with whom the tennis legend calls every day. She also visits him in person at Wandsworth Prison in London every week or two. Becker’s mother Elvira (86) is apparently also planning to visit her son.

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