died Nikolai Fadeyechev, people’s artist of the USSR, the teacher-tutor of the Bolshoi theatre, the former Prime Minister of this troupe were included with the “Golden” group of dancers of the theater of 50-60-ies, partner of the legendary ballerinas – Galina Ulanova and Maya Plisetskaya. Nikolay Borisovich has left this world at 89 year of life. He suffered from severe diabetes and died today in City clinical hospital № 67 from heart failure.

Began Nikolai Borisovich in the ‘ 50s. He was the only boy left in the class, military dial, 1943. And after graduating from College in 1952, Fadeyechev almost immediately becomes chief Prince of the Bolshoi theatre. After four years with the Bolshoi, he’s going to London… It was the ones included in the history of the legendary touring 1956 in which Large broke through the “iron curtain”. On that tour I remember now. And the main sensation then becomes a Juliet and Giselle, with Galina Ulanova, but the glory also, and get her young partner Nikolay Fadeechev.

During a tour of the English press was excited, calling it “the most aristocratic Communist”. Critics wrote that the partner Ulanova “was a young and relatively unknown Fadeyechev. He was an albert. Elegant and masculine dancer, strong by nature an attentive partner and is already an outstanding artist. It’s safe to say that in the coming decades it will achieve recognition as one of the most outstanding dancers. The role of Alberta requires proficiency in the art to convey the subtle nuances of feelings, and in this he succeeded entirely”… These are the words of the famous critic Clive Barnes in December, the 56th Nicholas Fleeces then to confirm all his works. Success on tour was so great that soon the English TV was invited novice dancer of the Bolshoi theatre to star in the role of albert, the famous English ballerina Nadia Nerini, which he then played on the stage of the Bolshoi theatre.

And two years later in ‘ 58, international success was confirmed on the Paris tour of the Bolshoi at the Opera. After which the initiative of Serge Lifar, the Paris Academy of dance, Choreographic Institute and University dance Fadeechev awarded a prize named after the God of dance Vaslav Nijinsky. Honor diploma, written levarem himself said: “the Most brilliant academic dancer Nikolai Fadeechev, who, defying the laws of gravity, may 31, 1958, appeared with the Bolshoi ballet at the Paris Opera in the ballet “Swan lake.”

the Newspaper “Le Monde” these days regretted that Fadeyechev not at the same time performed on the stage of the Paris Opera and in Giselle.

the triumph of the dancer remembered, and in 1971 Fadeyechev with the Maya Plisezmoi invited were the first Soviet soloists of the Bolshoi, the Paris Opera, where she sang in the same “Swan lake”. “Dance of Nikolai Fadeyechev is a rare sense of style. It affects such a precious quality of this artist, as the ability to see ourselves, to the end think the whole line of his stage behavior, down to the smallest detail, camera angles, varying poses,” wrote Plisetskaya in the journal “Musical life”. Prince Siegfried – Fadeicheva, and their partnership with him in later years, remembered the best Odette-Odile of the XX century and in his book of memoirs “I, Maya Plisetskaya”: “Many “Swan” was danced; with Nicholas Fadeechev. This is when I became a “field”. Nick was unflappable, aristocratic. I loved to dance with him, because our personalities complement each other. Bring him out of balance it was impossible. For rehearsal more than ten words he uttered. His poise I was healing. Unfortunately, over the years they get heavy, gained weight. Culinary preferences and convenience appetite is not affected. In food it is to deny yourself never could.”

in addition to Ulanova and Plisetskaya, Nikolai Fadeyechev danced with other famous tonics of the Bolshoi theater – Raisa Struchkova, Marina Kondratieva, Ekaterina Maximova, Ludmila Semenyako.

After the success at the Bolshoi the other half of his creative life of Nikolai Borisovich is also dedicated to the beloved theatre. Until recent years he was a teacher-repetiteur at the famous troupe and honed in the rehearsal rooms of the Bolshoi theatre skills with their Pets. He has trained almost all of the Prime Ministers of the Bolshoi theatre 90’s and early Malevich years. Because of all the evolved in the company of the “potential principles” is invariably sent to study him, Nikolai Borisovich Fadeechev, as the main “classic theatre”. And he has a veteran teacher persistently and methodically polished them dance technique, instilled a noble style and poses. His disciples were among the people such as dancers Sergei Filin, Andrei Uvarov, Nikolai Tsiskaridze, Artem Ovcharenko. The last time Nikolai Borisovich came and worked in the theatre with his one, remaining faithful to him until the end of the student – Ruslan Skvortsov.

Nikolai Borisovich brought up two wonderful sons, Alexis and Alexandra, who also became dancers. Alexander dances in a Large still, and Alex in the early 2000s was the artistic Director of this renowned around the world, including dances of his father’s company.

the place of farewell and funeral of Nikolai Borisovich Fadeyechev will be known tomorrow.