The CDU politician Wolfgang Schäuble offered the punks camping there help in finding a job during his vacation on Sylt. A man from the tent camp in front of the town hall in Westerland wrote to him at the time, said Schäuble to the “Tagesspiegel” (Sunday). “They wanted to know if I was willing to have a conversation with them.” According to Schäuble, who turns 80 on Sunday, called the man to arrange a meeting. “He didn’t expect that.”

“They set a table for me with coffee, milk, water, apple juice. We then had a heated debate for an hour and a half,” reported the former Federal Minister and President of the Bundestag, who originally comes from Freiburg. The main discussion was that Sylt does not only belong to the rich. “They didn’t want to pay the visitor’s tax, so I didn’t agree with them,” Schäuble reported to the newspaper.

“I told them that if they had money problems, I might be able to find you a temporary job.” However, the response to the offer was low.

Sylt is considered the island of the rich. Dozens of punks set off for the North Sea island with the 9-euro ticket and stayed there for weeks.

Federal Minister of Economics Habeck wants six million heat pumps in Germany by 2030. But his plan is “crazy,” says a civil engineer. There are not enough skilled workers, heat pumps do not make sense in many buildings and the government is making a mistake from the past with the offensive.

After the renewed announcement that vehicles from the Bundeswehr stocks would be supplied to Ukraine, the troops warned of “cannibalization”. Zelenskyj calls for punishment of Russia. The President also reports on students rescued from torture chambers. What happened at night in the war in Ukraine.

The citizen money replaces Hartz IV. With this, the state says goodbye to the principle of demanding and promoting. He spends the money of the citizens who are industrious and pay their taxes – for the good of those who cannot work and for the benefit of those who do not want to work.