The head of a department at the Central Research Institute in Moscow is said to have celebrated a little too much on his birthday. The top Russian military got so drunk he lost his laptop containing sensitive data. He then tried to downplay the incident to the police.

According to a report by the news website Baza, a Russian colonel lost his laptop with sensitive military data – on his birthday of all days, which he celebrated with plenty of alcohol. Russia expert Rob Lee also reports on the incident.

Accordingly, Alexandr Kuzivanov celebrated his 70th birthday in a bar with a friendly colonel. And drank a lot at the same time. He is said to have stumbled out of the restaurant so badly that he collapsed in front of it. Passers-by called the emergency services.

This brought Kuzivanov home to sober up. According to the report, the military then realized there that he had lost his laptop. Notes and plans for articles on military topics are said to be stored on it. Kuzivanov heads the department at the Central Research Institute in Moscow that deals with ocean exploration, civil shipbuilding and their military applications.

According to the report, Kuzivanov rebuffed the police. The data on his laptop was not secret and was intended for the Great Russian Encyclopedia, for which he writes articles every month.

Since the invasion of Ukraine, Vladimir Putin’s family has also been in the public eye. Now it comes out: Putin’s daughter was regularly with a Munich plastic surgeon.

It has now been three months since Vladimir Putin ordered Russian troops to invade Ukraine on February 24. So far, the Russian army has not been able to achieve its goals, and experts fear that the war could drag on for a long time.

The former head of the British secret service MI6 expects a change of power in Russia – no later than 2023. Various reports support this assumption. And there is said to be a potential successor for Russian President Vladimir Putin.