seven years Ago, the great Entertainer, Hazy Osterwald (1922-2012) died. Next Saturday SRF radiates the biographical film, “The Hazy osterwald Story” again. His widow, the actress Eleonore Schmid (75), withdrew completely from the Public. Now she speaks openly about the relationship.

Eleonore Schmid: Thank you, I am quite decent. Living with a couple of Bobos – circulation problems, high blood pressure. But I’m in good medical hands. But the grief is still there. They have not changed, but the pain will never pass away.

Determined. It was at the end of a difficult time. He suffered ten years of Parkinson’s, the blood sugar was to high, but he wanted to not be in the clinic. I told him with a firm voice: “Then I’ll come with you, sleep with you.” And I did also. I even took his music. After 17 days he was home again. But he was very weak, could barely speak and go.

I was ten years old and went on Wednesday for ice-skating in Solothurn. After that, I warmed my hands to an iron furnace in a cottage, where you could move. And there’s his “Tango Bombastico delivery” – it was a time long before his famous “criminal tango”. And I said to myself: This rhythm, this orchestra – amazing.

My God, no. I was still a child. Live, I met him only much later – in 1979. My six years younger sister and I were waiting on his farewell tour in the Capitol for an hour to an autograph. We were the Last. And I said: “Erika, he looks constantly to us!” He then gave us the autograph under the condition that he could invite us to his Party with friends.

When Eleanor came into his life, put Hazy Osterwald in a crisis. His Empire from the nine Hazyland-Dancings, an Agency and a record label collapsed. He dissolved his Band, the Hazy Osterwald Jet Set, he didn’t want to trumpet, and vibraphone play. His first wife had died, and the second marriage with the singer Ema Damia (1941-2016) was broken. The subsequent divorce was to cost him dearly.

I wanted him. not because of the money he had at the time I was fascinated by his music. Then he sat suddenly on a performance of mine, in Vienna’s Theater in der Josefstadt, where I played dürrenmatt, “The glitch”. And then I saw a handsome man in the Loge on the balcony parapet, leaned down at me. It was Hazy! I almost fell out of the Text. We went to eat later, but he still had to wait. With a married man, I did not want to let me in.

Yes, he had, at night nightmares, it was really bad. I convinced him to perform again, and he was then again a great success as a jazz musician in the whole of Europe. Unfortunately, all of the members of this famous sextet are dead today. I built it but at the time, went with him to the doctor, gave up even the acting for him.

After his Hazyland was a broken Empire, and he could not keep his 60-room mansion in feldmeilen ZH. He moved to the Hotel National in Lucerne, where he lived, later, with Eleonora’s. O-tone Hazy Osterwald: “The owner was bullying me, however, and in spite of his regular rent laments increases that he would come to short. Finally, he has terminated us.” The two married in 1985 and moved into a beautiful 7-room apartment in Luzern.

Yes, very. Next I played earlier theatre. An old friend of Hazy you got me. But the clearing of the old apartment was very exhausting, luckily for me, Rolf, Hazys, the eldest son has helped very much, so that I could take with me many memories. Also, “Susy”, Hazys beloved trumpet, which was issued for a period of time on loan in the Hotel Montana, is again with me.

no, we have both saved, he was always still royalties. And we had the AHV.

of Course, I’m looking forward to it. A very beautiful Film. Hazy always found him a bit maudlin, because Yes, the sad story of his clarinettists included, played in the Film by my former stage partner, Peer Schmidt is excellent. Many of the Hits are heard, and there is a reunion with the Stars Eddi Arent, Peter W. dust and Gustav Knuth.

I started again after 40 years to play the piano – mostly Mozart. I would also Hazys notes, but the trust I’m not ran. I’m often on the go, friends often call me, even from Germany. And I care a good relationship with my step children, who take care of you for me.

Hazy and I were so close to each other. It was a gift, this trust we had in each other. In the end, I was very worried, I was always behind him, so that he crashes. That was my big fear. But we had a great peace. He was adorable, accessible, maybe even too much. We were not jealous of each other. He was adored by many women, but I’ve indulged in the kind of. It was at the end of his responsibility, what he was doing.

Could you imagine, again, a relationship?
no, this is for me unthinkable. I could fall in love in another man. Hazy will remain until the end in my heart. Only he alone.

live man Osterwald

Hazy Osterwald came in 1922 in Bern, to the world. Right after the Diploma he joined a Big Band. From the end of the 40s he toured with his legendary trumpet “Susi” to the world, and was often seen on television. His greatest Hit “Kriminal-Tango” sold in Germany alone, about a Million Times. For health reasons he was, in the end only as It. Easter forest died in 2012 at the consequences of his Parkinson’s disease.