Justin and Hailey Bieber

the 23-year-old model Hailey Bieber posed for the cover of Indian Vogue. The star also gave a newspaper interview in which he talked about family life with 26-year-old husband Justin Bieber.

Haley said that she and her husband will raise their future children to be respectful to the Black Lives Matter movement, which fights for the rights of blacks.

They will grow up knowing how to treat people, why don’t we say certain things, why we respect, recognize, and trust in those circumstances where it is necessary to do

she said.

However, when a couple is planning to have offspring, Haley said. At the end of last year, Justin hinted that this year he and his wife are trying to have children. While Bieber has said that all will decide wife:

I think it all depends on Hayley because it’s her body, he said.

In an interview with Haley also said that their with Justin’s childhood was very different. Despite the fact that she grew up in a famous family of actors, she never thought I would be famous, unlike Bieber, who became famous at a very young age and grew up under close public attention. So, when he went on tour, not even learn to drive a car, Haley learned at home and perfected her ballet skills.

Honestly, I didn’t think that was ever going to become famous. Of course, I knew that my father was an actor and pretty famous, but if you compare how I grew up, with the way Justin grew up, I can say that he was much younger than me when I got a crazy experience of popularity,

she said.