no hand disinfectant available, or the more colloquial phrase håndsprit is one of the most talked about in this period, where coronavirusset tester the Danish population.

But now it turns out that not all of the products of the kind in which one can rely on the effect.

There is a håndsprit, which have been sold in Matas, T. Hansen and Save stores, which are now being revoked. It writes the TV the SOUTH.

It is the environmental protection Agency, who have chosen to withdraw the product after an inspection of the company Nowocoat that produces the product. It writes the agency in a press release.

‘Nowocoat A/S has not submitted a satisfactory proof, that the product is no hand disinfectant available PER. no. 4263343 is active against bacteria and viruses,’ says Kim Holm Boesen, head of division, Danish environmental protection Agency.

TV MIDTVEST writes that the Rema 100 has already removed the product from their stores, and that it was no longer possible to buy it from Matas’ webshop.

Føtex, Bilka and Netto has also sold the product, but they chose to remove it already, when it was possible to buy regular håndsprit.

All products of the type that have been sold within the last year, are now being revoked.