Undaunted, the lawyer Isabelle schwander (50) defends her clients in the fight against authorities. As President of the Schwyzer home protection, it is your task, always there is an objection to be lodged, where historical buildings a new building is to soft. In order to not only friends. You will always be met with hostility, and again viciously. Times the attacks are subtle, sometimes they are more than obvious. And sometimes, they threaten your existence.

Even a procedure before the bar Association was taken against you, at the end of the withdrawal of the lawyer, a patent would be able to stand. “To be able to my rights in the process perceive, I had to litigate even to the inspection of files,” says Schwander. The procedure was finally set. The allegations were, to say the least, baseless.

That is independent and critical of, joins in the conservative Canton of Schwyz on rejection. Schwander shows Sunday view an anonymous letter that you recently received. Therein it means: “What is your Problem? Were you teased in your Childhood, beaten, abused?” Conclusion: “most of The people in the area would be happy, would you leave the Canton of Schwyz.”

Harassed by the Canton of

Isabelle Schwander is convinced that many of the attackers are crossing for only one reason – because she is a woman.

being Bullied, you also from Canton. Would like to set up in your garden with the wolf jump a so-called installation space for the renovation of the Axenstrasse.

next to your house over the years, dredging and construction trailer should be. It would be right next door, plenty of room. To ask “as a request, would you have the courage to never, would my husband still be alive,” says Schwander. In 2013, the cantonal court President Vital schwander died of a heart attack. With him she has two sons to care for alone.

The FDP bullies you out of the party

What Schwander especially sense true Self from the free, you’ve bullied you. For over 20 years, she was active for the FDP, even in the management of the cantonal party. Because she was but as a lawyer for one of their clients strongly and publicly a FDP cantonal councillor criticised, it was declared a party internal to the undesirable Person and is not up for re-election nominated.

A vote on representation in the Executive Committee ended in a stalemate, she said unnerved her resignation. Eventually, Schwander received from your FDP Ortspartei not even the invitation to the AGM, or a Deposit slip for the membership fee. Frustrated, she recently stated her outlet. “How the liberals Schwyz was in my case, is undemocratic, and turn illiberal.”

The party leadership does not want to speak to. Also Petra Gössi (43), presided over at that time with her in the management of sass, and today, the FDP Switzerland, is silent.

The long years of disputes and battles, Schwander left to the Conviction that the Canton of Schwyz is not only conservative, but also a misogynist. “A strong, independent woman scares men.”

Schwander does not want to give up, in spite of everything and more in Schwyz life. “I’m more independent and critical.”