your eyes are red. From the many wines, the many tears, the enormous pain. With pale faces, the two young women, H. B.* (21) and A. S.* (28) sitting in the courtroom. Directly behind her tormentor. This is no one less than Sascha I.* (18), provided as a hatchet-rampage of Flums, SG, Switzerland for headlines. Seven people were sent to live with his bloodbath in the last year, partly dangerous for the injured. (VIEW reported).

the process against I. the two victims also bring a lot of anger. You can’t understand that Sascha I. is accused of multiple attempted murder, but with “only” three years in prison and a closed housing thereof.

“Want to get a good Job”

it is an Aggravating factor: The Teenager, suffering from a schizophrenia, can feel no remorse for what he did. Let alone compassion for his victims. At the same time, he forges plans for the future: “I am motivated and want to get a good Job.”

That such musings are for Sascha I. at all possible, he has met with the youth due to law. Because he was at the time of the offence in October, only 17 Years old, expect a much lighter sentence than an adult. Because in the youth criminal law is the actual fact plays a rather minor role. Because, the personality development at this age is not considered completed as yet, the causes of fighting in the foreground. Prevention instead of Repression.

“There are cases in which the juvenile justice system to short

” “We want to bring young people of all means an offence-free way. Nevertheless, there are a few cases in which the juvenile justice system, at first glance, falls short”, the forensic psychologist Monika Egli-Alge (60) from the Institute of Forio in Frauenfeld, TG.

This is not a juvenile offender can be imprisoned against the Background of that life. And yet, the experienced psychologist, is convinced: “So simply does not come out again!”

As an example, Egli-Alge is called the Aargauer Kris V.* (25), the 2009 Sessa TI the Vietnamese girl Boi Ngoc Nguyen (†17) with a wooden log had been killed.

Lifelong psychiatric care possible

The condemned to the time of the murder of 16-Year-old was to the maximum penalty of four years in prison and a closed housing. Free V. but came only in August of this year. As long as it had lasted, until the district court could determine in Baden, it would be “only a low risk to a third party.”

With the release of is associated in addition, the condition that V shall continue to be a psycho-therapeutic treatment. For Sascha I. this is regardless of the verdict, a conceivable scenario. “In many cases with a diagnosed schizophrenia draws a life-long psychiatric care,” weiss Monika Egli-Alge. She is convinced: “He will be handled with the full force, which is in accordance with the law.”

this corresponds to the punishment and vengeance of the victims, is another story written. “This is a political question,” says the psychologist.