In Novokuznetsk, Myski, Osinniki, Kaltan and Mezhdurechensk caterers again allowed to serve customers only in the summer verandas and terraces, or to let food to take away, to deliver upon request. Cultural and recreational facilities, summer theatres, dance clubs and sections, as well as sports complexes with pools and fitness rooms are closed. You can train only outdoors or online. All competitions are cancelled, except for the matches of the championship of Russia on football among commands of the Higher League which will pass in Novokuznetsk without spectators. And IFC will again welcome visitors by appointment only.

Regional operational headquarters went to the return restrictions due to the steady growth in the number of infected COVID-19 in recent weeks. As the chief sanitary doctor of Kuzbass Eugene OKS, the reason was the total failure of mask mode. Typical scene: in a crowded bus in rush hour and the passengers and the driver – all without masks. Like most buyers in stores.

meanwhile, every day in the region added almost a hundred infected. In antileech – city Mezhdurechensk and Novokuznetsk, where were foci of infection in nursing homes and in children’s recreation camps. In Mezhdurechensk imposed the most severe restrictions. Of the stores are not closed only the small trading in commodities. Work amusement and back again suspended.

In this mode five of the Kuzbass cities will live at least until August 20. Also across the region until the end of summer will be conducted raids to monitor compliance with mask mode. Violators face fines, citizens – from one thousand to thirty thousand roubles, to business entities – from ten thousand to three hundred thousand rubles. As emphasized by Eugene OKS, it is important to prepare for September 1. Do not change the epidemiological situation – the school year will not begin on time. Given that over seventy cases to a school teacher.

– If we allow the epidemic to grow unchecked, we will have two and a half thousand “davidnyc” beds, nearly seventy percent of which is already taken, add as much again – said the Minister of health of Kuzbas Michael Malin, only that he had been ill coronavirus infection. But the more we add, the fewer opportunities will remain to provide medical assistance to all the rest, including those heavy patients.

Tuesday to five cities of Kuzbass, where the returned constraints, adding Belovo. A few days ago the head of the city Alexey Kurnosov reported to have contracted the coronavirus.

In the Altai region has resumed the provision of routine medical care, and opened kindergartens. However, full recovery medical care will be gradual. In the first phase, initiated prophylactic examinations, the clinical examinations and vaccinations, monitoring of patients undergoing serious condition and suffering from chronic diseases. And resumed the delivery of dental care. Not all hospitals, but only in 51 health facility in 37 towns and districts of the region (only the region 69 municipalities).

In a second step, the amount of planned aid is to be extended, and the third – fully restored, – said the Ministry of health of the region. – The transition to the next stage possible not earlier than fourteen days subject to favorable epidemiological situation. If the situation worsens, then the restrictions will have to be renewed.

kindergartens will return to normal operation faster. According to the head of the Department of General education Ministry of education and science of the Altai Krai Natalia a Polosin, kindergartens began to accept children from August 10 and for the current week must earn all kindergartens. Before that the region acted only on-duty groups for working parents who need someone to keep the baby.

have Prepared Tatyana Kuznetsova, Barnaul