Hasselt In Hasselt Jessa Hospital Thursday morning, an emergency heart operation carried out. This happens quite often, but due to the coronacrisis had dr. Alaaddin Yilmaz and his medical team to take extra precautions in order. Especially when it turned out that the heart patient may be infected with the feline corona virus.

“The operation was very different from the normal,” says dr. Yilmaz. “It was the entire operating unit is hermetically sealed, and allowed to room with the necessary equipment and a select group of medical personnel. Of that select group, there were still six people who are in the room during the entire surgery, not allowed to leave. Of the social distancing, it was, therefore, not to be the case.”

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“It was a tough surgery,” said dr. Yilmaz. “I could barely make out my own mask, to breathe, and that makes it very tough to keep my focus for hours, to hold on to. Actually, I have a spatbril have to wear them, but I refused. My work would have been impossible. The rest of the team was wearing a mask. Therefore, we had to shout to each other to be heard and understood. Normally, there is background music, which in this case was not possible. Fortunately, in surgery, in spite of all the difficulties, it has succeeded.”