Today, whether the supervision of the Federal government opened the legal profession, disciplinary proceedings against Federal Prosecutor Michael Lauber (53) – because he make three secret with Fifa Boss Gianni Infantino (49) not logged, and has even concealed.

Lauber, but also the presence of the other, can’t remember the third Meeting. Or you don’t want to? Because the meeting in Bern, Hotel Schweizerhof could be for Lauber is still much more disastrous than known: The Federal Prosecutor may have been a violation of official Secrecy would be guilty of.

An innocent bystander at the table

Uninvolved third party, he must be no secret information and the Valais Prosecutor Rinaldo Arnold (43) was sitting as an impartial third party with Lauber and Infantino at the table.

criminal lawyer André Kuhn explains the violation of official Secrecy as follows: “it is then, when a parish President told the Baker around the corner, citizens of X have recognized a child born out of wedlock.” The should know the involved agencies, but not uninvolved.

Arnold did not bribe

The third Meeting on Friday, 16. June 2017, on which the present cases in a Silence that was only as a result of the investigation is known: special Prosecutor Damian K. Graf had checked whether Arnold had the best time.

Earl says: no. According to the Setting by 10. April 2019 is the despite gifts Infantinos to his childhood friend Arnold in the value of 20’000 Swiss francs – including two free tickets for the Champions League Final in Milan in 2016 and seven VIP Tickets for four games at the FIFA world Cup in Russia two years later – not the case.

the Prosecutor sat private at the table

Controversial but Graf joined: a text message from Arnold to the speaker of the Federal Prosecutor, André Marty (53). In this Arnold announces that it is late. The count is therefore assumed that Arnold was the third Meeting. But in what function?

The Ruling shows that Arnold had sought as a “private person” to the Meeting. The first meeting was held on 22. March 2016 in Bern. Infantino introduced Arnold as his “personal companion”. In his function as a Prosecutor Arnold was not at the Meeting: He has taken a half a day of vacation.

in Addition, it means: “The meeting with the office of the attorney General stand in no connection with the office of the public Prosecutor of Valais in General, or in the Canton of Valais in criminal cases.”

Infantino flew private jet to a secret meeting,

For the second Meeting between the Fifa Boss and Lauber, it came on the 22. April 2016 in Zurich, Switzerland. Specific questions concerned the clarification of procedures, such as Lauber said in November. He cited as examples the handling of the enormous quantity of data provided. At this Meeting, Arnold took part.

made, such As the “NZZ”, the Fifa Boss Infantino set everything to be on time from Qatar to 17 clock in the Restaurant Au Premier in Zurich. To do this, he had used the private jet of the Qatari Emir, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani.

Collective amnesia

it is Possible that it was at the first Meeting in 2016 in the Details and the process content at the time of the second meeting being exchanged. But is it safe? And what was discussed at the third Meeting in June 2017? It collective amnesia prevails. This clarity would be Central: whether Lauber Details of the Fifa ausplauderte procedures, as Arnold sat at the table.

On suspicion of violation of official Secrecy and all the other issues of VIEW sharing, the office of the attorney General, you do not, the statements in the SRF-“Saturday review” of may 27. April of this year. In the radio broadcast Lauber had acknowledged that it has been the third Meeting, he could no longer remember. Arnold self has not reached a VIEW on the phone.

There needs to be a concrete initial suspicion

a criminal lawyer, Kuhn says: “When the two Meet, to which Mr Arnold was there, a Federal Prosecutor Lauber actually secret procedure information, have chats, that would be very problematic. Because, apparently, Arnold is not a party to the Procedure.” For him, the question of whether a violation of official Secrecy is actually presents itself””.

Other lawyers call for a special Prosecutor. Kuhn says: “The hurdles for a criminal investigation because of a violation of official Secrecy are very high. For the opening of a criminal case there needs to be a concrete suspicion.”

The supervision over the Federal Prosecutor’s office could today start much easier in a disciplinary investigation – which could then lead to an initial suspicion.