US film producer Harvey Weinstein (67), has agreed, according to various US media in a dispute over alleged sexual harassment with several applicants on a provisional basis. 44 million Swiss francs to have the Whole cost of 30 million francs of this will go to the plaintiff. The Rest is used to pay for the lawyer costs, “Wall Street Journal” reported.

Not affected by the agreement, a process due to allegations of rape and other sexual Offences against two women. The court hearing is scheduled for September. Cream of Tartar is a life-long prison penalty in the process.

World campaign

The former movie Mogul Weinstein is accused of more than 80 women to you sexually, or even raped, molested. Among them are film stars such as Angelina Jolie (43), Salma Hayek (52) and Ashley Judd (51). The Ex-movie Mogul claiming that any sexual acts would be consensual.

The case, Weinstein had triggered a worldwide campaign against sexual harassment. Under the Hashtag #MeToo many victims of abuse have made their experiences public. (bnr/SDA)