Harvard and Yale were obliged to report gifts from Russia and China

the Two largest universities, Harvard and Yale — was at the center of a corruption scandal. It broke because of the gifts, which in educational institutions is not declared. And all anything, if their total amount are not counted in hundreds of millions of dollars.

Gifts for 375 million dollars — so much, as assure of the Ministry of education of the United States, did not declare two elite forge personnel — Yale, and Harvard.

“It’s a question of transparency. If universities and colleges are taking gifts and money under the contracts, then taxpayers deserve to know this information. Now we’re trying to learn it, but more and more convinced that many underestimate the data or is not misleading them,” said Betsy DeVos, the U.S. Secretary of education.

two of the eight famous universities in the ivy League have launched an investigation. And, it would seem, a good goal is to avoid corruption in the education sector. But only in this way, experts say, the U.S. government again tried to open the so-called witch hunt — now in the field of education. In the list of alleged undeclared donors are China, Iran and Russia. And this is not surprising. These countries, according to Washington can Finance University in order to obtain from them the necessary information.

“in General, the situation in the US is now similar to the era of McCarthyism, when I fired and put in jail only on suspicion of having links with the Reds. Only now, the enemies list has expanded. The us administration is pressing hard on leading universities, which are training centers for the elite. They are driven into the bed of their political priorities,” says Alexander Shatilov, Dean of sociology and political science of the Financial University under the RF government.

In the us list of undeclared donors innovative centre “SKOLKOVO”, “Kaspersky Lab” and ChinaSkye Huawei. However, not all these companies know that ever entered into a relationship with Harvard or Yale.

“We did not appreciate this material because the information is unreliable. Of the Fund “SKOLKOVO” has never been no contracts or cooperation with these universities,” said Alexander Borshevsky, press Secretary of the innovation center “SKOLKOVO”.

political Analysts believe that this scandal is not just that.

“I think this surge in this kind of selection of the information related to the fact that the President walked very thoroughly in the midterm elections. And those who opposed him in 2016, now renew their attempts,” — explains Andrey Koshkin, head of the Department of political science and sociology REU them. G. V. Plekhanov.

the States are actively used by other countries in order to promote their interests. Why should only the American billionaire George Soros, who is going to invest over a billion dollars to create a global network of universities around the world with very specific purposes.

“All the famous saying of one of the secretaries of state: he is an sob but he’s our son of a bitch. It is very applicable to Soros. All his paintings are turning a blind eye because he is acting in line with their foreign policy. They are trying to push any, even the most innocuous contacts of American universities,” said Alexander Shatilov, Dean of sociology and political science of the Financial University under the RF government.

Attempt to put pressure on American universities by the American government, not the first. Just a few days ago the newspaper the Wall Street Journal reported about the arrest of chemist Charles Lieber of Harvard for giving the Washington false information about the cooperation with the Ministry of defense of China. According to investigators, he contacted one of the technological universities and even founded a labYu without the knowledge and permission of Harvard. In addition, he allegedly gave false information about their relations and contacts in the framework of talent in China. Washington is convinced that all of this is a direct threat to national security.