For weeks, the Corona-crisis determines our life – while shopping, at leisure, at work. Many do not have to restrict your daily life tremendously, but fear for their existence.

The Federal government jumps in with a rescue package of historic proportions. Today, the Federal Council made final and unanimously out of the way – the first money to arrive in a few days when the Affected.

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“We can and we will defeat the Virus”, said Brandenburg’s Prime Minister and Federal Council President Dietmar Woidke. The countries of the chamber met in a very small cast. It was decided to have a Mega-package for the the Federal government wants to make this year a new record debt: 156 billion euros will be included in credits. Nevertheless, it is unclear whether the measures are sufficient and whether the money arrives fast enough, where it is needed. Who can now hope to support:


tenants shall not be terminated in the next three months, if you are not able to pay because of the Corona, with the crisis in the rent. For this you need to make, however, credible, that is actually the Virus pandemic. The obligation to pay the rent, however, remains in the principle of existence, you are the sum so guilty. If you don’t pay the bills for electricity, Gas, telecommunications, and also water due to the crisis, should not be cut off. This is important because currently a lot of heated – and people are more than ever dependent on the Internet and the telephone.

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For low-income parents to create, there are facilities at the children’s Supplement of a maximum of 185 euros per month, the flows in addition to child benefit: for the time being, it is checked in the application, only the income of the last month, not the the last six months. In addition, the state pays for the first six weeks, 67 percent of the salary, if parents have to take care of their children under the age of twelve due to a closed day-care centres and schools at home. Per month there are a maximum of 2016 Euro. For the time of the Easter holidays, when the facilities were already closed, it is not considered.


The Federal government wants to avoid mass unemployment. As in the financial crisis of 2008/2009, it allows for short-time work: If there are to work nothing, can send a company to the employees in short-time work – the Federal Agency for labour takes on 60 percent of the salary, in the case of people with children 67 per cent. The companies get social contributions refunded.

short-time work can then flow, if ten percent of the employees are affected by the work stoppage. The government assumes that you will have to pay 2.15 million cases of cyclical short-time work money experts believe, however, that even such high Figures are too low. In some industries, companies are increasing the short-time working money.


the Jobcenter give a Hartz-IV-application for half a year on the examination of the assets and the amount of the rental of the apartment Concerned. Hartz-IV-recipients do not need to audition in person at the Jobcenter, but can call in the rule. Jobless claims can be made by phone or online will be provided.

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the self-employed without contracts

A one-man-companies, musicians, photographers, medical practitioners or nurses, but also small companies with up to ten employees can apply for over the countries, direct financial injections. You get hardly any credits, therefore, you want to give to the state, depending on the size of more than three months 9000 to 15,000 euros. In total, the grants will amount to 50 billion euros.

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Major companies

For all businesses small, there is an unlimited loan program through the state-owned development Bank KfW. You can also pay in the case of a financial hardship, your taxes later and have to pay social security contributions. The contributions for health, unemployment, pension and care insurance can be deferred instead until may. Also, the insolvency law is not relaxed, so that companies go out of business fast.

Big companies can slip under a protective shield. 600 billion euros in Federal guarantees and, if necessary, also to a share in the company a plans. After the crisis, they should be re-privatised with profit as the Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz (SPD) said. To apply for companies with high turnover, or more than 250 employees.


get The hospitals a large cash injection: 50,000 euros for each new Intensive treatment unit with artificial respiration. For each, as a precaution, kept free bed and suspended operations, the hospitals get 560 Euro per day. In addition, the Federal government may take measures to Procure medicines and protective equipment. Where is Coronavirus? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease, FOCUS Online/Wochit Where is Coronavirus? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease, a Top Economist calculates, as the income of every German by the Corona-crisis FOCUS Online/Wochit Top Economist before the drops expects, as the income of every German by the Corona-crisis drops