There was someone a joke with Prince Harry (35) and Duchess Meghan (38). On Tuesday the Couple announced the name of his new company. Instead of “Sussex Royal”, which was prohibited by Queen Elizabeth II (93), and you want to are now called “arch corrugated”. The trademark rights have leave of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex already protect.

But now, you seem to already be a Hacker victim. After all, who came to that came about on a professional Website of the couple, but was forwarded directly to Youtube. Was played there in Kanye West’s (42) Hit “Gold Digger”. A “gold digger” is someone who is only on money and wealth from.

“this is The perfect song for Harry and Meghan”

in the Meantime, the Internet operators have fixed the Problem. If you want to visit the page now, you will receive the following message: “The Website is not reachable.” However, many Users have seen it already and make the network fun of it.

the music video of “Gold Digger” to collect a lot of comments to the Royals. “Who has done this on the Website of Meghan and Harry is a genius”, is called it as such. Another says: “It’s insanely funny. This is the perfect song for Harry and Meghan.” Another thought, what keeps the Queen well-being of the Video: “I like to imagine how the Queen orchestrated the Song and take it to Tea-time play.”

On Twitter, you were the laughingstock

on Twitter, the action has become a topic. “This is awesome. Look what I typed and what came as a result of” a user writes to a Screenshot of the action.

“A wonderful Initiative,” says another. (bsn)