It is gloomy and dark. Lightning flashes, and in the fog three death eaters appear suddenly. About 40 wands, held by children, young people and adults, depend on the opponent and force the Evil under the guidance of a member of the Warner Bros. Studios in London in the knee. The magic wand-live the duel photos, and Selfies may be with the evil wizards made. Welcome to the “Dark Arts”-special exhibition in the Harry Potter film studios in London!

More than ten years has it been since the last “Harry Potter”book was published. And the sorcerer’s apprentice has lost none of its magical appeal. Especially London, one of the most important places of the Fantasy series, still benefits from the story of the writer Joanne K. Rowling (54). Started of cheap Merchandise such as printed mugs, and plush figures, to high-quality jewelry and wands can be bought in London nearly every corner of the merchandise.

There are official Shops such as those at Kings Cross station, next to the legendary Track 9¾, from where it was in the book series at the train to Hogwarts. There Harry Potter Fans will have the opportunity to take a photo with a Luggage cart that looks as if he would disappear directly into the wall. There was this photo opportunity a few years ago as a simple tourist attraction, a must-join today into a snake, and a professional photographer photographed. And in the chord. The images will be sold starting at the equivalent of 12 francs.

racism and slavery are themes in Harry Potter

In the Warner Bros. Studios, you can take a look behind the Scenes of the successful film series were filmed here, all of them. Tour guide Ashley Ings (22) has been working since 2017 full-time in this magical world. Suitable for Halloween, the exhibition is designed to be dark and mystical. “We have a total of 16 Studios, around 8000 visitors per day”, she reveals. In the Studios, visitors have the opportunity to fly on a broom or to take photos in a moving Hogwarts Express. New Fans can also visit the Gringotts Bank, and the forbidden forest.

Why fascinated with Harry Potter, even years later? “It started as a children’s book, but there was more to come,” says Ashley. The Fans, who learned the story as a child, to know, to tell your own children the Story of Harry Potter. “The story grows. All the themes that J. K. Rowling had incorporated, such as slavery or racism, deal with the people. J. K. Rowling is so clever,” says Ashley.

Clever is the money machinery around Harry Potter. In the coming year, the German will celebrate the first performance of the play “Harry Potter and the enchanted child” in Hamburg Premiere. And in the London Studios of the rotation to start work on the next part of the offshoot “Fantastic Beasts”. The Potter-Hype remains unbroken.

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“Warner Bros. Studio”Tour is in Leavesden, 32 kilometres North-West of London. The arrival is either by car, Express train (about 20 minutes from Euston) and the Shuttle bus (about 15 minutes) or the Tour-Partner Golden Bus Tours. The arrival should be planned so that you arrive 30 minutes before the admission time.