members of the Royal family usually live in the UK. That there is another way, it could soon be proved. Since a long time it is rumored that Prince Harry (34) and Duchess Meghan (38) have plans to to Hollywood to emigrate. This should now be completed more quickly than thought, as the “Daily Mail” reported.

friends of the couple believe that the two are powered by the recently voiced criticism of their plans into action. Because in Los Angeles even pursuing the most high-profile celebrities relatively unnoticed in their shops, and the currently frowned-upon private jets are Standard.

Secret visit to Meghans mother

Harry and Meghan are supposed to have visited Los Angeles, even secretly. Because in Meghans former home to your mother, Doria Ragland (63) lives. You should be for the Couple is a Rock in the Surf and has helped in the selection of a Nanny for the little Archie (three months). You should want to help your grandchildren to a normal and modern life.

These plans do not correspond to the what is Prince Charles (70) has for his youngest son in mind. This has, in fact, already provided to the country, close to the border with Wales, for him. There Harry to live on a farm with his family.

Harry and Meghan feel as a victim

A source told the British newspaper “Daily Mail” commented: “Probably Harry’s family expected at that time that he would marry a stereotypical kindergarten teacher of the upper class, which wants nothing more than to have a private estate in the country. In 2019, this dream seems very old-fashioned and downright unrealistic.”

the friends of the Royals will find this idea very unrealistic. The Couple are not currently living the Desire in a stuffy rural estate. You currently feel as a victim and does not see why they should change their behavior. Change rather the people around you and possibly even your place of residence. (bsn)