He has always kept to his son – even if it was often easy. Marcel B.* (58) is the father of harlots-Killer Tobi B.* (29), the set with its brutal fact, eleven years ago, the whole country. The packer from the Canton of Solothurn is delighted with the new freedom of his son: “He was anyway much too long in prison, at the time, was made an example of him.”

“at the time,” says Marcel B. only the fateful February Morning in 2008. Tobi B. (17), visited the Aarau brothel Métro, raped and strangled the prostitute Kerstin “Tina”. (†40). The father also criticized the judgment. Because the juvenile court of Lenzburg AG verdonnerte the young Killer later to the maximum possible punishment: four years imprisonment. Because Tobi B. but a high relapse risk inventory, the Aargauer a total of eleven years in state care.

His father attended Tobi B. on a regular basis in prison

His father struggles to this day with the Sentence: “He was still a teenager, you do not punish a whole life long. He deserves a second Chance.” The more important is the regular visits to the prison were of him: “He called me, and I am then every two, three months to him in the prison. I was glad when I saw that my young lad between all the big boys did well.”

It had separated the paths of father and son at a young age. After an ugly divorce Tobi ended up as a three-year-old in a foster family and later on the inclined railway, alcohol – and drug-related problems, including. “From arrest, I know at the time, my Ex-wife. I’ll call them now and ask if she has heard of Tobi’s release,” says Marcel B. more.

early On the Morning of 10. February 2008, the then 17-year-old Tobi B. visited the Aarau brothel Métro. The Sex Salon is located behind the train station. There, he raped and strangled the German prostitute Kerstin “Tina”. (†40). After his act, he fled. With the help of images of a SBB surveillance camera, Tobi B. was a few days later taken. The youth court of Lenzburg language of the “harlots-Killer” guilty and imposed the maximum penalty of four years in prison. Because of the danger of the Killer remained locked up for eleven years.

The girlfriend says to the whores-Killer

Also, a friend of father white: “Yes, he told me during Visits to her and knows you well for a long time. She accompanied him through the years behind bars. I am glad, if I will get to know the two of them now together as a Couple.”

After the VIEW information has been taken by Tobi B. again, perfectly foot in normal life. Together with his girlfriend Angela K.** he lives in a village in the Zürcher unterland. The Couple shares an apartment there in a nondescript multi-family house. According to the VIEW of research, both of which are patronized, the rent to be running a Foundation.

After years behind bars Tobi B. shares his happiness, but quite frankly, with friends and in social media. On photos you can see the harlots-Killer as a normal young man: He’s making silly faces, makes faxing, laughs and shines. Known his girlfriend know: Angela K. has always kept to her friend – the more she is happy about the new prospects. Meanwhile, Tobi B. also has a regulated professional life; he is to work with a large construction company and from August onwards, a lesson may begin.

Well in the quarters

In the district lives the Couple is well known. In the middle of the bakery to one of the regular customers almost every day, Tobi B. and Angela K. come in and stock up with Goodies. A seller’s VIEW: “she comes mostly in the Morning, he often in the afternoon. You can also come to second, and drink together to relax and enjoy a coffee in the pastry shop. Like a normal, a couple in love.”

Angela K. seems to be with the crimes of your friend. Also, Tobi’s father, Marcel B. hopes that after eleven long years of uncertainty prevails now, finally, rest in the life of his son: “You have to be able to forgive a young person and it is not all the time to demonize. He is and remains my son. One way or the other.”



Tobi B. as amended, was convicted for his brutal murder of a prostitute in 2008 by the juvenile court of Aarau to four years in prison – the maximum penalty according to the youth law. In addition, a placement in a closed institution, and a therapy were arranged.

After the prison sentence the district office in 2012, then a welfare freedom had withdrawal. There is a high relapse would be when Tobi B. danger, he is therefore a danger for third parties.

The custody was, however, the European court of justice ECtHR on 30. April cashed. For the custody between 2014 and 2015, there is no legal basis existed. Switzerland must pay Tobi B. therefore, a satisfaction and compensation in the amount of approximately 37’000 Swiss francs.

Tobi B.’s residential municipality Rupperswil AG calls of B. now the money back – about 700’000 Swiss francs. Finally, the municipality had financed his therapies during the period of incarceration. A portion of these expenses, Tobi B., as he now come to money, itself. Whether or not the municipality receives the money, in fact, is still unclear.