He was sentenced to his bestial murder of a prostitute in 2008 by the juvenile court of Aarau to four years in prison – now harlot killer Tobi B. is a free man.

Tobi B. got four years in prison, the maximum penalty under juvenile law. Then a placement in a closed institution, and a treatment was ordered. And as of 2012, the district office of a welfare freedom had withdrawal due to high risk!

FDP-man Caroni calls for a report by the Federal Council

However, this “custody” was made by the European court of justice ECtHR on 30. April of this year, conceded. For the measure between 2014 and 2015, there is no legal basis existed.

This gap in the FDP councillor Andrea Caroni (39) wants to close. The Appenzeller has filed a postulate and demands from the Federal Council, that the “life long” sentence of imprisonment shall be reformed.

“Life imprisonment” to the

to be reformed”, It can not be, that such security measures for the protection of third parties are possible only because someone at the time was underage. The question of age plays no role, but only of the danger,” says Andrea Caroni.

“A perpetrator is not less dangerous or harmless, because it was his birthday. Therefore, it should only play a role in whether or not a hazard exists.”

a need for action also provides for the Federal Council: He has adopted the postulate as well as the Council of States and will now prepare a report on how the current System could be reformed in the “life-long” Freiheitsstafe.

early On the Morning of 10. February 2008, the then 17-year-old Tobi B. visited the Aarau brothel Métro. The Sex Salon is located behind the train station. There, he raped and strangled the German prostitute Kerstin “Tina”. (†40). After his act, he fled. With the help of images of a SBB surveillance camera, Tobi B. was a few days later taken. The youth court of Lenzburg language of the “harlots-Killer” guilty and imposed the maximum penalty of four years in prison. Because of the danger of the Killer remained locked up for eleven years.

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