Fat Boy! The sounding Name, especially in English – every Bike-Fan is a term. The Fat Boy is one of the most popular Harley models. With the Cruiser of the US can dream of freedom on the open road to enjoy, while the V2-provides the engine for the typical Harley Sound.

In the latest Fat Boy must be dispensed with this special feature, however. The reason: The popular Cruiser is available from this month as the 33 centimeter long Lego kit with 1023 Parts available. This includes items such as the teardrop-shaped Tank, the rugged wheels and the fuel tank console’s built-in speedometer belong to a typical Harley.

Small toys

After the sound-free electric Harley LiveWire is a toy now. The tradition is brand from Milwaukee (Wisconsin, USA) rich about the kids ‘ stuff? Hardly! After all, the Lego model features a working engine, at least the piston of the Milwaukee-Eight are mobile. The same is true for the Handlebar, and the gearshift and brake lever. And also the price is 109 CHF anything other than kids ‘ stuff.

Big toys

As with the Bugatti Chiron have it, the Lego people don’t take to construct a 1:1 Version of the Fat Boy out of Lego. In 865 hours of work arose out of a’69 569 the replica of the motorcycle blocks in original size. It even has sound and light effects, and silver plated components. This Fat Boy will be seen in selected Lego stores.