If it runs, then it will. The coach (Bruno be able to the Red.) gave me the self-confidence that I needed. He has changed the System. With the Team everything has worked out great. I’m stood in last time very often in the right place when the Ball came. Deflected, not a perfect shot, bounce – a lot of those balls landed, sometimes bullet ready for me. The man has to say.

The can be, Yes. In my private life, everything is super, I’m happy.


I just my qualities, I’ve always known (smiles got). I think this is the normal course of life. Marriage, Children, Family. As you become more Mature, of course, I am glad that it works. It is a nice feeling on this, Yes, to be successful side.

we’ll see.

Portugal is a special place for me. Now that it’s running in the club, and I’m working in this great country and live.

We need to start where we left off against Belgium and us for this Final have qualified.

We just need to play football. And on our Strengths in the Offensive set.

With what had happened previously, it was not an easy time. With the Whistles against me. Many had written me off already. Many saw me as a Chancentod. Nevertheless, I never gave up, always believed in me, always worked. After this game, I came back to Benfica. Since I was not a striker number 1, not 2, not 3, I was the last of four strikers. With a bit of luck I get the Chance, I also Packed. Belgium was important for me that I have made, but the turning point came in January with the new coach at Benfica and the new System.

good luck. Work. I think if you have the self-confidence, then you dare more. Then you have more self-confidence. Then you’re not doing many of your thoughts, if you miss a Chance. Then it’ll just continue. I can remember a scene. Immediately after the wedding I shot two goals …

Yes, as a long Ball arrived to the defender, the way to head him. And the Ball landed right in front of my feet. I can’t explain why. But it is simply a fact. I hit from about 20 meters with a direct acceptance.

The Figures speak for myself, of course. With this new Trainer and I have become better, the confidence is there, and I am now doing my goals. I don’t need a lot of chances. And even if I don’t have time to hit a, two games, the coach gave still a Chance and believed in me. That was very, very important to me.

Yes, one (laughs). The last two games, I always thought, okay, maybe you can make it, top scorer to be. And then if you look just a little bit more of that.

Yes, a very, very good cut.

Similar to, but Messi is a different League.

The part of the football business. To hide there is nothing.

I don’t Know. I first wanted to come to the Nati and the two countries can make games. But I have always said: I would like to stay at Benfica. In Lisbon, I have everything I need. A very, very good club. Great Fans, a great city. Life is super. I still have three years contract. I would like to stay.

I would renew my contract as well. But if Benfica says, we get a lot of money for him, then … It actually makes no sense to switch now. But football is football. You know how the business runs.

England has always been a dream of mine.

I would never switch because of the money. I’d rather a Million in England, if I can make it in Portugal, so more as this year. Life is beautiful in Lisbon, the weather was great, the sea is very close, the food is good. The football and stadium are top. The club plays international. The Fans are fantastic.

He is an ordinary coach. He has talked a lot with me. I always say: Believe in you! Racing is simple, the goals will come from alone. In the end, he has given me the confidence. I needed him, he needed me. I also had luck, but I had always been working towards, to be fully there when the Chance comes. So I grabbed my Chance.

Yes, my father says, I’m talking on the field with the referee. I used to get upset. I’ve become
quiet. I’m on my game, am angry about a lot of things. If the referee makes a mistake, you can change nothing more. He is the boss on the court. I’m just concentrating on my game. Mentally I became even stronger, because I know what I can do.

Sure, now a Benfica player, with Switzerland, comes and plays against Portugal. I now am a half Portuguese. We will play in Porto, against many of my team members, sure to be a special game. Both Teams want to win the semi-final. But we know how Portugal plays, do you know how we play. It will be a tight game. We must draw the right Lessons from our last game in Lisbon.

So-So. A Mix of Spanish and Portuguese. I understand you, you understand me.

Yes. Sure, I am recognized. I must get photos, autographs. Not a Problem for me. I can easily go out to eat.

is Very important. We bring together a good, beautiful life. I’m calmer now. I now that I’m to be a father. We buy certain things.

would you like to know what?

Very, very bad. GC is a club tradition. I just noticed that there were a lot of coaching change. One of them came from Frankfurt.

Exactly, Forte then Uli. Just a pity, GC belongs in the top League. Maybe GC but also good times to lay a new Foundation. The cards mix. And then re-ascend.