Prime minister Mette Frederiksen took even a lever in use on Friday night and became the first Danish prime minister, who closed the borders and barred us all inside of our own country.

The ultimate step to prevent a virus from spreading further. Mette Frederiksen, has only a few tools back in the toolbox now, if she is being forced to tighten further. Interneringer and detention of possible infected is one of them, as China’s totalitarian communist regime took, when they finally fought the disease. The chinese went so far as to weld the doors firmly in the laps, where there lived infected. So far we are not – yet.

But the prime minister has made sure to have the legal right to do it. All parties have voted for legislation that gives the authorities the right to enter in private homes and drag the possibly infected out of quarantine.

It is known to most by now, that when the virus gets detected, you must act quickly. The director of the WHO said this at a press conference yesterday.

‘We have learned that you must hunt the virus with the same. Quickly and aggressively. Every minute counts. You must not be afraid to fail, for while waiting, you lose the time.’

Maybe, Mette Frederiksen listened to the WHO, maybe she has information, she does not share with us, in any case, she goes it alone with its decision to close the borders in a month. The EU criticized a few days ago, the UNITED states to close the border to Europe and demanded that the coronavirus was combated by cooperation – NOT by going it alone.

Mette Frederiksen oriented just to our neighbours in Sweden and Germany about its decision. Here is not talking about a coordinated action in the EU or a Schengen-cooperation.

It is difficult to find the logic in asking all danes to return home to a country with a kæmpeantal infected, if they are on the journey to a place where there are few or no infected. But it is what happens. We shut ourselves in order to fight a virus that knows no boundaries. None of our neighbours have made something similar, and, therefore, lags the systematics of this action.

the Prime minister’s intervention, which is only known from totalitarian regimes or countries experiencing coup attempts, is surely to ensure that the health service can deal with many infected, in need of hospitalization. But it is not the health authorities that have recommended a closure of the borders. It is the one and only a political decision of the prime minister, it emerged on Saturday’s press conference.

Mette Frederiksen will, of course, go far to ensure that this virus is stopped and to saving lives. It is the one part of the equation.

the other side is The other societal costs. They become gigantic. Already now can travel and write off the 2020, and to report the loss of thousands of jobs. For example, the report udlejningsfirmaerne already now about 1200 lost jobs.

The many small and medium-sized enterprises, which carries most of Denmark’s business community, are being pressed completely in the knees. It is the business that provides revenue, so that our welfare state can work, and among other things, save the life, which is threatened by the coronavirus. It is the self-employed and their employees who provide the money for velfærdsmaskinen.

It is paradoxical that the differences between the private and the public labour market are exhibited with this crisis. The government employees are sent home to work, while private employees can be fired and sent home without pay. Most recently dismissed a large hotelgruppe 350 employees. The figure will also grow exponentially.

There are stimulus packages for the small traders and their employees immediately.

Later, Mette Frederiksen, to focus on creating growth in the whole society, but first and foremost for the private sector, which now bears the whole burden. Her political forståelsespapir is really torn. The future is not about increasing the public sector, but is about to rescue the private sector with all means.

the Crisis is total.

Denmark goes it alone in relation to our neighbouring countries and the EU. This cooperation is also torn. We close ourselves inside a month, and we survive, of course. The cost is, however, incalculable, but will be present for many danes.

It is a high price Denmark will pay for it.