Brexit meets EU States different hard

Luxembourg would have to accept a decline of 5.23 and Malta 5.19 percent. For the United Kingdom itself, the loss of Prosperity to 2.76 percent would be, for Germany, however, only 0.72 percent. “The impact of a hard Brexit would make the member States of the EU, different hard,” said Ifo-researcher Marina Steininger the result of the study.

Benefiting anyone by the EU exit of great Britain?

The world’s largest economy, US, for example, would be concerned only with a Mini-Minus 0.01 percent. On the same value the people come hosts for Switzerland.

There are also profiteers, such as Taiwan, with a welfare gain of 0.13 percent, China with a plus of 0.05 percent and India with plus 0.02 percent. An increasing uncertainty of investors, and changes in exchange rates could increase the negative consequences, however.

Boris Johnson is ready for No-Deal-Brexit

The British people want the European Union on the 31. October, leave. Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to tell the community, then, if necessary, without agreement “goodbye”. In order to apply a non-Brexit would come. Experts warn for a case of serious economic turmoil on both sides of the English channel. “A free trade agreement would dampen in any case, the negative consequences,” said Steininger.


On the 23. June 2016 on prisoner 51.9 per cent of the British withdrawal from the EU. Since then, the government desperately tries to control the exit from the EU. In addition to tensions between the EU and the UK, the MPs with the search for a Compromise seem to have a hard time. Seemingly every day there are new initiatives, reviews and negotiations. You can keep track of the Brexit-the Chaos with the news Ticker from