Blue Shirt, short pants. With a mild Smile on his face Marcel Dietsche (39) plays in Kriessern SG in front of the house with his daughter. And these are passed though Just two months since Dietsche his mandate as a St. Galler SVP-member of the Parliament with a Bang on the nail attached.

the reason for The Withdrawal in a “potentially incorrect behaviour towards labour supplied ladies”, as it is formulated Dietsche at the time, by using a communication adviser (EYES reported).

Against the politician was received in his main profession as a Canton police officer and group head of the Mobile police for sexual harassment. The Rhine valley also moved professionally, the consequences and filed the notice. Companions reacted in horror.

Since then, it has become Dietsche quiet. “I’m still not as fit as I would like it to be. But it is starting to get a bit better,” he says to VIEW.

The turmoil of his Person were not mentally gone without a trace past him. Currently, he is in a time out. The re-entry into the professional world so far, had been not an issue.

the Silence on harassment allegations

About the incidents that triggered his deep fall, don’t want to Dietsche speak: “I am absolutely not accountable to anyone. The Rest of the world does not need to know, what should I have allegedly made.”

fact: The St. Gallen public Prosecutor’s office has received an order from the indictment chamber under the authorization for the opening of criminal proceedings. This was obtained due to the professional position Dietsches as a Canton police officer.

“It’s received several complaints against him,” said spokeswoman Beatrice Giger to VIEW. In the past, the speech was, as yet, been only of a display.

“Everyone must have the fear of being savaged!”

Marcel Dietsche seems to take the thing, at least outwardly, relatively calmly: “I want to wait for the criminal case and see what comes out.”

After he had in his political career, always a squeaky-clean Image is maintained, the refuge of the SVP-the man is now in a victim role. His conclusion: “It is becoming increasingly more persons for public Offices available. Because everyone has to have fear, savaged, if something is!”

For the Czech, the presumption of innocence still applies.