Hanus said that Russian athletes may miss Olympics-2020

Photo: TASS/Vyacheslav Prokofiev/EA

the situation surrounding the suspension from international competitions Russian athletes is critical, said Director General of the Russian anti-doping Agency (RUSADA) Yuri Hanus, reports “Interfax”.

“In all-Russian athletics Federation (vfla) the situation is critical, the activities of the Federation at the international level suspended Russian athletes can’t participate in international competitions even in a neutral status. It may be a situation in which the Russian athletes could skip the Olympics in 2020. Thus, violated the rights of our athletes,” said Hanus.

He urged the new leadership of the sport in Russia to assist in solving the problem.

Hanus also lamented the fact that wfla has still not responded to the accusations in her direction.

“We do not understand what is being done to resolve this situation, the acting President of wfla (Julia Tarasenko) did not provide us any documents, responses to the allegations AUI (independent authority for the fight against negative phenomena in track and field)”, – said Hanus.

in addition, Hanus said that the significance of the athletes ‘ Commission vfla should be strengthened.

the General Director of RUSADA also stated that with the Commission you must enclose a partnership agreement, “to build the platform to exit the current situation”.

Membership of the club in the international Association of athletics (World Athletics) was suspended from November 2015 after the scandal with the doping. From that time the Russian athletes in international competitions can only be made under a neutral flag.

For failing to cooperate in the investigation of anti-doping violations from the post of President of wfla was removed Dmitry shlyahtin.

the high Jumper Daniel Lysenko also accused of non-cooperation on the issue of anti-doping violations and forgery of documents.

In early December, 2019 wfla presented a draft roadmap for the mouththe wound of anti-doping rule violations.

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