The Alliance insurance has a new target in their sights: the LGBTQ+*Community. On the occasion of an interview for this head of communications and Ex-SRF-Moderator Hans-Peter nehmer (53) is the sign of self. In an interview with “” he tells what it was like to stand with 36 years of his homosexuality. The hurdles at that time were large: For 16 years, he was married to a woman and the father of two children.

He looks back: “I have suppressed my homosexuality for a long time. With the years this burden has taken more and more space.” Finally, he falls in love with a man, and ended his relationship. “My Coming-out with 36 years has led our family in a crisis, we have overcome, fortunately, very well.”

partners aware of

concealed Until he could off of his environment and dealing openly with his sexuality, it took much longer. So, he describes a Situation, as he said, during a conversation with a Headhunter always of his “treasure”. He lives with a man, he left unmentioned, for fear that it could have a negative impact on his career.

the years have changed. The licensee told: “Today, I deliberately say “my husband”.” Have helped, too, that he could let his partnership officially registered. “It was very important to our relationship in this way manifest. To say: I want to spend the Rest of my life with this Person,” he says.

“it means the courage to be yourself”, louder the borrower of new Whatsapp Status.

In the work environment is not a Problem

licensee is unsure of how he told his former boss that he and his Partner Yves tie to marry. How this would respond? “Very well, as my Team also. The me has not shown that it is actually such a big issue,” he says.

Because the licensee is aware, however, that homosexuality can still have an impact on the career, he has been actively engaged for the internal company network Alliance Pride. He says: “It’s lighthouses, courageous role models who show that it is possible without any negative consequences needs.”

asked about the expected reactions to his Outing, he says: “to be Quite honest, I know it and am very curious.” Skillfully, a braids of the PR professional, but also the advertising slogan of the Alliance in his testimony. “”Courage means, live how you want to” – this has now become my personal Motto.”

* lesbian, Gay, bisexual, Transgender and Queer