This provides, among other things, short-time working arrangements, in order to mitigate the net loss in salary as speaker of the Union and the employer have informed on Tuesday. Be provided under other company compensation. Short-time work usually includes 60 to 67 percent of the net pay, a Union spokeswoman said. Provided for a term of the collective agreement until 31. December 2020, the orienting Mainly on the pilot’s completion of North Rhine-Westphalia. Therefore, according to the employer charges the employee should not be increased this year. In addition, arrangements are provided to facilitate in the Corona-crisis, the exemption in case of shortages in childcare.

The agreement on the collective agreement for Saxony-Anhalt is subject to the approval by the tariff Commission of the IG Metall and the General Assembly of the employers ‘ Association, as the speaker declared. In the country of around 45 000 people in the metal and electrical industry are employed according to the employers. According to the Union, around 12 000 employees covered under the collective bargaining agreements of the IG Metall.