Music by Paul McCartney, with handwritten verses from the Beatles ‘ hit song Hey Jude and i went on a Friday at auction on the auction block for $ 910.000 dollars (approximately 830.000 euros). That’s nine times more than the expected share of the Us auction house Julien’s Auctions with it.

original text for a recording studio (1968) by Hey Jude are very rare, and very valuable, ” says music specialist, Jason Watkins, of Julien’s Auctions. “It is, of course, is a very iconic song that everyone knows. These handwritten texts were made in the studio to be used as a guide during the recording.”

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from A vintage bassdrumvel with the Band’s logo, which was used during the first American tour of the British group in 1964 and spent more than would be expected: someone has counted no less than us $ 200,000 (about 183.000 euros), down.

The items that were to be part of a collection of more than 250 Beatles memorabilia online, were auctioned off by the auction house Julien ” s Auctions, on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the opening of the band.