The football team is surfing on a wave of success. This is reflected not only in the results but also on the Fan onslaught. On Sunday afternoon, the Schaffhausen BBC Arena is sold out for the first time in an international match.

The 3,500 spectators only during the first 20 minutes in the enjoyment of a balanced game. The Swiss let their muscles play, and overrun the Belgians in the truest sense of the word. In comparison to the away game last Wednesday, the Swiss pull this Pace until the final whistle. Marvin Lier (9 goals) and Andy Schmid (8) of the two Topskorern space for the hand remains in view of the Superiority of even ball of the Cabinet pieces.

The prospects for the first participation in European Championships since 2006, thanks to the 36:22-success in the garden is rosy: the national team from the last two qualifying games against Croatia and Serbia in June, at least one point, then she travels in January 2020 safely to the tournament in Austria, Norway and Sweden. Switzerland loses two Times, begins to Reckon the big one. In addition to the two group, first remove the four best of the eight third-the EM-Ticket. (cmü)