The football Fans are on a pilgrimage to train in order to experience history: Not less than the first qualifying since the home tournament 2006 on the game. You get to see an Offensive spectacle, in the circuit will finally prevail, but the Croatian’s class and experience.

“The expectations were very high. We have stoked those expectations with the services in the run-up to something. In this regard, it was certainly a reality Check,” says Superstar Andy Schmid 28:33.

This reality Check means for the qualification, that after the victory of the rival of Serbia in Belgium, the decision-ums EM-Ticket on Sunday will be postponed. A point or a defeat with four or less goals in Novi Sad were in the national team, definitely. In all other cases, the large Rechnerchei begins, as the four best group third qualify for the finals.

of Croatia on Wednesday evening is still a number too big for the national team, is beginning to emerge after a good 20 minutes, as the attack unit, despite the offensive again outstanding Schmid (15 goals) to something of a Standstill. This Handicap can no longer make the national team throughout the course of the game betting. “In the first half we had a little lead in the West. I would have liked, that we occur with a broader chest. And although offensively as well as defensively,” said the Bundesliga Star.

in Order to create the Exploit, would have been especially the 6:0-cover, a better performance is needed. Without the elbow-injured defensive leader Samuel Röthlisberger in the Swiss national team is never a recipe against the Superstar Domagoj Duvnjak orchestrated Croatian attack. “It was, of course, a huge frustration that Röthlisberger and Alen Milosevic are two of the most important pillars in the defense are injured,” says Schmid.

in Addition, goalkeeper Nikola Portner will not come to the world-class rate, which is for the Coup against the Handball of that great power is necessary. “The 17 goals against in the first half, of course, are too much – especially for a home game,” says the Montpellier-Legionnaire. Portner sees positive aspects: “After the break, we have implemented what we set out to do. With such a performance it will be enough on Sunday against Serbia.”

However, the Switzerland will expect a completely different game, than the 29:24 last October. For that alone, the hot-blooded Serbian Fans are worried. National team coach Michael Suter is well aware of the strength of the enemy: “In the first leg, the Serbs were still at the very beginning of your path. Now you have a world Cup tournament behind.” The team was in transition, can be Suter not apply: “The Serbs are also playing at the Rhein-Neckar Löwen or in Barcelona. This is supposed to be a break?”