The Belgian handbalcompetitie for an in-depth examination. The various factions have decided that for this season only the league champions can be identified and have no descenders. That is, this Friday will be announced.

“in The Royal Belgian Handbalbond, the Flemish handball club and the Ligue Francophone de Handball, after mutual consultation, it decided that it will be there again next season at the national, state, regional, and provincial series, single led, and so there is no degradanten at a time. In the coming weeks and months, and is working on an in-depth competitiehervorming”, according to a news release.

“After the three aforementioned federations, the previous week, also decided, with immediate effect for all competitions, at any level, to stop it, and there was work the next step is the completion of the league”, it continues.

“In a time of crisis, subject to exceptional measures. This is what was decided: it is only with the led working. No team will relegate. The result of this is that there is to the season of 2020-2021 for a competitiehervorming worked out, it should be. Details will be on the 3rd of april will be announced.”

as of Wednesday, it was also decided, due to the coronacrisis is not Final, and Four in the BENE League organization. This is in Bocholt, for the fourth year in a row to become champion.