Valtteri Bottas (29), the championship Leader, do not regret the emotional radio outburst even days after the victory in Melbourne. Now team-mate and Champion Lewis Hamilton-and-white as a gift: From the Finns there in 2019, nothing.

��To all, who feel addressed now: Fuck you!” It fell in a formula 1 on the radio is hardly ever used harsher words. And the silver arrow Pilot is not about the frustration of the last (victory) year: “The list of those who have written me off already, unfortunately, is quite long,” said the now four-times GP winner in the Finnish media.

in 2018, lost to Bottas in the Nachtspuk Vettel

Now, on the desert Highway to Bahrain, a former camel Farm, must Bottas on Sunday at 999. Grand Prix new Occurrence in the Mercedes already. A year ago, he was subject to the Nachtspuk winner Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) of 0.6 seconds, but landed in front of Hamilton, and the sensational husband, Pierre Gasly in the Toro Rosso-Honda!

Ferrari is coming after the Disaster of Australia with 22 world championship points, the Golf – as little as never before to the start of the race in 2014.
team boss Mattia Binotto: “We are Fans of a restitution guilty. We can only hope that our corrections to the car show this weekend effect.”

Vettel (4th) and Leclerc (5.) a Minute lost to Bottas. Some experts even believe that the Power Unit is the red weak.
At Honda (Red Bull, Toro Rosso) believe the Japanese that is only 20 HP on a Mercedes are missing!