Hamilton refused to take the test for the coronavirus, despite contact with an infected

a six-time world champion racing in the class “Formula 1” Lewis Hamilton refused to be tested for the coronavirus. The Briton admitted that he sees no reason — according to him, there is no symptoms.

“I’m fine. I’m healthy and train twice a day and symptoms I have. Since then, I’ve seen Sophie Trudeau and Idris Elba it’s been 17 days. I contacted Idris, and was glad news that he was all right.”

“I consulted with my doctor on this account, and we double-checked, do I need to take the test, — quotes the words of Hamilton “Sport-Express”. But their limited quantity and there are people to whom these tests will be more important weeks for me. Especially when you consider that I don’t have any symptoms.”

Recall that the starting stages of “Formula-1” is cancelled due to the spread of the coronavirus. According to the latest data, the number of infected now exceeds 278 thousand people, of which more than 11,500 people died.