It tells the English racing driver via the social media. The reason for the multiple Formula 1 world champion puts himself forward, is that several have speculated on he mon was infected with the Covid-19.

the Rumors have arisen because Lewis Hamilton previously participated in a velgørenhedsarrangenment, where the actor Idris Elba as well as Canada’s first lady Sophie Trudeau was present.

Both Idris Elba and Sophie Trudeau has since tested positive for the Covid-19, but until now has Lewis Hamilton gone free.

“There has been speculation about my health, after I was at an event where two people were later tested positve for the Corona virus. I want you to know that I have it good and trains two times a day,” says Lewis Hamilton, and continues:

“I have no symptoms, and it has now been 17 days since I was with Sophie and Idris. I have spoken with Idris, and I am glad to hear that he is ok.”

Lewis Hamilton explains that he to be sure has chosen to seek out his doctor several times.

“I have spoken with my doctor and have checked several times whether I should take the test. But the truth is also that there are a limited number of testing options, and there are other people who have more use for it than me. Especially now, when I showed no signs of symptoms, ” says Hamilton, who along with the rest of the Formula 1-the field must wait at least until the month of June to run the season’s first race.