After his 10. Victory of the season in Mexico, the Briton was close to tears: “people don’t know how grateful and humble I am that I can experience it all. Because I know what circumstances I’ll be!”

On his 6. World title makes Lewis no thoughts: “coming eventually!” And who has now scored 30 Times in the series, will be in Austin, Sao Paulo or Abu Dhabi once the Eighth – when a team-mate Bottas should be three times to win with the extra point …

“Must Niki guard forever be grateful”

Hamilton: “I at night often and think of Niki. It is just sad that he is no longer able to experience our biggest year. He was from the Start and lured me to the end of 2012, Mercedes. Especially after Victories, I often have the need to hug Niki. We need to be Laugh, but also for the hardness with which he, the whole Team time and again drive, be eternally grateful.”

Hamilton’s boss Toto Wolff (47) says: “We miss Niki each and every day. He let us never join in and demanded more and more!” 20. May 2019 castle Lauda in Zurich for his eyes. His headphones hang at each race on the wall. Always with a red cap marked.

In Laudas home country of Austria was renamed the trophies at the athletes ‘ choice of the year in honor of the unforgettable sports Ambassador in Niki.

Hamilton has to on his 6. Cup wait. His victory in Mexico – a strategic world-class. Lewis: “We have now outsmarted Ferrari on three consecutive occasions – although she each Time had Pole Position. Mercedes has easily the best thinkers in the formula 1. Even if I was not often on the strategy in the Cockpit, satisfied and on the radio ranted. But, damn, you with your pit-stop-announcements are almost always right. Like now in Mexico.”

Ferrari admits mistakes

Lewis was surprised that he came up with 48 laps on the hard rubber in front of Vettel to the finish. After Billiards with Verstappen (“I’ll always open the door”) and the Boom with Vettel he explained: “Seb has not seen me easy!” Short-spoken and dealt with.

In the case of Ferrari, it is to mourn the defeat. Chief Binotto: “Who starts with two cars at the front, with the seats two and four are satisfied. We had underestimated the tyre. They held on Sunday to be longer than in the training. Therefore, we were not very brave.” Only 13 laps after Hamilton, Vettel switched to the hard tyre. An error – such as the Two-stop strategy with Leclerc.