The University medical center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) is expecting in April with a massive increase of the Coronavirus diseased people. It’ll be “a huge wave at us, we are likely to meet in April, really”. All non-vital operations at the UKE had been moved already, “because we need the staff,” said the Director of the clinic for intensive care medicine, Prof. Stefan Kluge, on Wednesday. In Hamburg, aspiring high school graduates remains below all it, the way it is. The final examinations take place as planned, such as school Senator Ties Rabe (SPD) said after a switching of a conference with the Ministers of Culture of the countries. The first tests will take place in mid-April.

“We have now done it, 50 additional ventilator beds here at the UKE build, which can be immediately operated,” said Wise. Overall, the number of intensive care beds could be extended with ventilation facilities to 166. Of the Hamburg-wide 77 Covid-19-would be treated Sufferers currently on the UKE 22 on a normal station. In addition, the UKE 10 of 19 Corona care-intensive patients. Overall, the number of Corona cases has increased, according to the Senate since Tuesday to 213 of 1450.

DOCTOR – While on UKE, according to the head of the hospital hygiene, Professor John Knobloch, currently still enough protection materials, has warned the Association of sickness Fund doctors, it is already a short-term end of the Arztrufs Hamburg. “If, by the weekend, no additional protective equipment in Hamburg is received, it can’t work, the doctor of Hamburg,” said a spokesman. Previously, it had been started with the distribution of the few new material. According to the speaker, it is about 16 000 masks, 3000 coats and just as many gloves that went to the doctor Hamburg and about 2400 Doctors.

Hamburg, KV-Chairman Walter Plassmann stressed that it was so little Material, “the fact that we can only select physician groups and only to a very limited extent equip”. Would care physicians with the most contacts with patients. This included doctors, pediatricians, internists, otolaryngologists, ophthalmologists, and radiologists, and radiation therapists. Each doctor receive only five masks and a lab coat. “This is a small drop on a hot stone,” said Plassmann.

high school, in Spite of the crisis, the school final exams will be held in Hamburg as planned. “Our decision is clear: The tests, in particular, the written Abitur examinations, are held on the scheduled date or a catch-up date until the end of the school year, where for reasons of protection against Infection are permitted,” said education Senator Raven. Schleswig-Holstein Minister of education, Karin Prien (CDU) had announced on Tuesday a deletion of the final examinations and the award of a Average GPA, the advance on Wednesday, but pulled back.

the baccalaureate exams under difficult conditions were to be held, be taken into account. “So we want to a lot of alternative – and post-mine rubs offer, which offer students additional opportunities,” said Raven. “We will, moreover, agree with the teachers that the usual time for preparation of pupils for the high school and good teachers will be accompanied.” The plans were drawn up by his authority over the weekend and presented the start of the week.

HELP FOR FAMILIES – The German trade Union Federation (DGB) has, meanwhile, for a better support of families affected by the closed day care centres and schools. “We are calling for a directly effective hedge in the amount of at least 80 percent of your current net income,” said the Chairman of the DGB district North, Uwe Polkaehn. So far, the Federal government promised 67 percent were “disrespectful” because the parents use up their full annual leave, Overtime, degrade, and your working time would have to debit the account with minus hours.

a SMALL REQUEST, The AfD has tripped with 13 Written Small requests to the Senate, in the other groups of the Hamburg citizenship incomprehension and outrage. Due to the non-urgent requests to the authorities in the Corona would be burdened-crisis, have criticized representatives of the SPD and the Greens. The CDU and the left party also stressed, to abandon currently possible on Small requests.

had Similar to that expressed by the AfD prior to the inaugural meeting of the new citizenship last week in a press release. Now that the questions are in such large numbers had been, had technical reasons, a spokesman said. “A majority of the requests comes from the previous legislative session and was too late to be forwarded to the citizenship of the firm.”

DEPORTATIONS – Because of the Corona-crisis to be deported from Hamburg for the time being until the end of April not obliged to leave the country to foreigners. This is true both for the so-called Dublin procedures within the EU, as well as for deportations in other countries, said the integration of expert of the left faction, Carola Ensslen. He cited information from the foreigners authority.

TRANSPORT – Despite falling usage figures, Public transport (PT) in the crisis, the SPD has spoken out-group for further close timing of the transport. “We want to keep the offer in public TRANSPORT, despite the decline in Passenger numbers so big and so enggetaktet as possible,” said transport spokeswoman for the group, Dorothee, Martin, in an Online discussion Board of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung on the topic of mobility policy.

DUCKDALBEN – The seaman’s club Duckdalben in Hamburg’s port closes due to the pandemic, for the time being, until 15. April. “Since its founding in 1986, the Duckdalben were closed for more than a day,” said Director Anke Wibel. In the rooms of the of the German seamen’s mission-driven institution seafarers from all over the world can spend their leisure time away from their ship quarters.