an informal, written application to the port authority HPA is the port fees for the months of April, may and June can be deferred, announced the economic authority on Tuesday the Maritime and inland shipping companies and port operators to. The deferred payment could 31 to the. December 2020 granted. When you spent money, especially to the environment are to be relieved-friendly vessels, to a considerable extent, added the authority. The discounts in the period from 17. March 2020 to 30. June, according to an international classification of the emissions. They can be eliminated completely if a marine refer throughout to the port electricity from renewable energy sources.

For the relief of the of the Corona-crisis have been particularly hard hit passenger shipping, including barges companies will waive the HPA on the use of the port charges in the second quarter of 2020, a complete, informed the authority. The tourist excursions and cruises on the Elbe river in the Speicherstadt had to be discontinued because of the Coronavirus-spread for the time being.

Also anyone who has rented buildings or plots of the HPA in the port, can now apply for interest-free deferral of payment of the corresponding Rent for the months of April to June. The payments could also be the end of the year deferred, reported to the authority.

“The port of Hamburg also needs to run in difficult times, without any restrictions,” said Senator for economic Affairs, Michael West Hagemann (independent). “Now quick Action is needed. Therefore, I have asked the HPA to immediate implementation.“ Finance Minister Andreas Dressel (SPD) added that the Hamburg-based protection screen will also be stretched over the port. The preparations for the implementation of the other components of the aid package were currently in full swing. Currently, the decisions of the Federal government in the Hamburger helper would be incorporated measures.