Hamburg’s brothels are closed, the Reeperbahn is empty. The Corona-crisis brings a lot of prostitutes in the Hanseatic city in existential Distress. With a General decree of the state has forbidden all forms of Prostitution until the end of April. “I would have never expected to be with this work ever been unemployed,” says Josefa Nereus, the self-employed sex worker in Hamburg. The 34-Year-old may currently receive any guests in your Studio, where you will be sold on normal days Sex from 190 euros per hour.

“a Lot of regular customers call but still – and want to buy vouchers which you can redeem after the crisis”, told Nereus. Because you can no longer meet up with their clients, the prostitutes are now isolated Sessions via Skype and phone. They remain clothed, it is more likely to role play and Dirty Talk. “Cam Sex is out of the question for me. I would like to circulate naked somewhere on the Internet,“ said Nereus.

Like many self-employed prostitute and has requested immediate assistance. Independently working prostitutes, according to the Hamburg social authority workers entitled to the same payments as all the others. Their free time is using Nereus and invested more time into your Youtube-channel on which it operates, the work of enlightenment. Nereus openly with your profession, is well-connected.

Quite different and harder it hits, the sex workers, the search in the expert advice centre for Prostitution “restricted area of St. Pauli,” in social worker Anna Waxweiler help. Here, the 29-Year-old and her Team will also be food, clothes, spend, hygiene items, when necessary. In addition, the Internet, a telephone, and a letter box in the help search.

“Many of the prostitutes became with the crisis homeless,” says Waxweiler. “Even before the crisis, many of the prostitutes living were homeless, but had a shelter in their work. Due to the closure of the prostitution sites, many have lost their possibility to stay Overnight,“ explains Waxweiler. Out of necessity, some women would work in spite of the ban, more hidden places, with their regular customers.

Many of the prostitutes are not registered as a trader and not employed. Some of the driving the drugs to Acquire on the road. Some had title no and stay. “It is very difficult for these women to make in this particular time of crisis financial support to a claim,” explains Waxweiler.

in addition, it is for a lot of women basically is not easy, the Jobcenter as a sex worker present. “I wish that poverty be prostitutes mitgesehen in this crisis in a special way and observed,” says Waxweiler. This requires attention and sensitivity.