“A one-sided rent moratorium, which is currently being discussed among policy makers and politicians in Berlin would have dramatic consequences for the housing companies and the construction industry in Northern Germany”, declared the Director of the Association of North German housing companies (VNW), Andreas Breitner, and the speaker of the Alliance, “Hamburg building and construction industry”, Michael Seitz, on Tuesday. You think it makes more sense not in the market to intervene, and for a “Safe-Living-Fund”, the tenants give money as a grant or interest-free loan, a notice of termination for a certain period of time to exclude. “No landlord will now terminate a tenant or a tenant of the apartment, if they can’t pay the rent due to the Corona-crisis,” affirmed the representatives of the sector. “So there is no reason to adopt such a one-sided law.” Rather, they fear that “a one-sided rent moratorium, a disastrous chain reaction” which destroyed at the end of jobs in the construction industry.

“If, now and in the coming months, rents in a considerable extent, fail, threatens many apartment companies, the money to be scarce”, with shared Breitner and Seitz. Consequently, these landlords would have to break to your spending as much as possible, which is still eligible for work, craft, building material producers and building material dealers in bulk orders and you could get in Existenznöte.

The VNW represents in Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Schleswig-Holstein, Germany 378 of the housing cooperatives and housing companies. In the managed 738 000 homes around 1.5 million people live accordingly.