For the mid-term of the long Easter week-end, it appears that the population in Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg followed the regulations to protect against the Coronavirus. A Sunny Easter Saturday, many people in the North used to go for a walk Outdoors. As mentioned on Friday, they held, according to the police, the vast majority of the distance requirement and the other restrictions. Only in the area of Wedel on the Elbe, the police had to send in the vehicle controls around a quarter of the cars back because they were for the purpose of tourism in a recreation area on the road.

The Hamburg-based police controlled the Hotspots for tourists on the Alster and Elbe, and was satisfied with the result. “The everything running very smoothly,” said a spokesman. The people were second on the way and paid attention to the minimum distance. Notable occurrences it had not been. In Schleswig-Holstein, the police recorded about 200 incidents had to do with violations of the Corona-regulations. For the whole country this number to be seen, however slightly.

The number of infected persons in the North continue to rise, but with a slowdown in the pace. In Schleswig-Holstein, the number of reported infections has risen with the novel Coronavirus in 2069, and was 37 higher than the previous day, informed the state government on Saturday. The day before the increase was in 98 additional cases. The number of deaths has increased since the last official message on good Friday from 39 to 40.

In Hamburg, 97 further infections with Sars-CoV-2 have been demonstrated. Thus, the number of reported cases spent a total of at 3739, informed the health authority on Saturday. The day before, there were 124 new cases. According to the RKI 56 people with a Coronavirus infection in Hamburg so far died. The Institute for legal medicine, has found that 42 of these people, the infection as a cause of death. On the day before it was 38. Over Easter, the authorities do not publish Figures for the Convalescent. Also, the information relating to the new infections apply only provisionally, since it may come in the collection and processing of data delays.