shops and schools are closed, public life is largely paralyzed. Many people – especially in the retail trade and freelancers – fear for their existence. To help you and people in need in the Corona-crisis assistance, there are now everywhere in the Hamburg neighborhood initiatives – for small shops around the corner, the elderly and the sick, the homeless and children.

A short Overview and shows where help and where you can get involved:

coordination: Under the social authority has compiled a set of initiatives, offers and calls. “It is impressive how much the Hamburg stand for inside and hamburgers, even in this time together, and what creative ways,” said social Senator Melanie Leonhard (SPD). The Hamburg-based voluntary agencies provide from now on the platform . The offers from volunteers who want to support, as well as people in need of assistance, will be bundled. A similar offer the “Corona-Hilfe Hamburg” on Facebook.

The MOPO is also convinced that solidarity and the help of important resources are in crisis in order to survive the extraordinary Situation. Since many people have communicated via social media, to neighbors or elderly people to help, for Example with the support for purchases, had printed the MOPO, the idea on the title page, to make it even more simple. Also in the network of the Flyer is available for Download.

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retail: small shops are threatened by the Corona-crisis, acute in their existence. To help you, there are numerous actions. So, you can order his books, for example, still in the bookstore “Stories” in the district of Eppendorf online or pick-up. “Buy a book: The favorite book Stories download! in the Falkenried call, in front of the door you can pick up. Is too!“ writes a customer in Facebook. In a similar way, also flower shops and other businesses sell their Goods, so you can, for example, Hof Eggers in kirchwerder flower deliver

restaurants: many dining Establishments threatened by the Corona-crisis, the From. Some have therefore moved to a delivery service to reach your customers. “Dear neighbors, thank you can continue to enjoy our delicious meals and our support! We also provide you – your Thai Gourmet“, it says in a posting at an Asian Restaurant in Eimsbüttel. Also bakers and other food retailers to offer their customers a delivery service. In the case of the action “pay now – eat later” customers purchase vouchers for your favorite restaurant, and solve them after the crisis.

senior citizens: Many people are involved for the elderly and sick people who are threatened by the Corona Virus, particularly. “Hello, Neighbors! If you’re currently prevented from Doing more important things (shopping, Post office…), please let me know. I’ll help where I can,” reads the notice boards in hallways, on street lamps and in the case of “Corona-Hilfe Hamburg” on Facebook. Also Pregnant women and women who have just had a child, ask for help with shopping and to Do small things. It also has a telephone are offered sponsorships, and letter contacts, to do something about the loneliness of the people.

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homeless people: “Who, if not us” – has turned this is the Motto of the Hamburg cult pub “elbschloss Keller” in the Corona-crisis in a soup kitchen and clothes closet for the homeless. “The most Vulnerable in our society get the help they need,” said “elbschloss Keller”-owner Daniel Schmidt. Others want to help people without a fixed residence: it’s been around for a couple of days in Hamburg-Eimsbüttel gave fence for the homeless. There, each food pack, hygiene items, clothing and the like in a plastic bag and donations.

children Of crisis, children are also affected – because they are not allowed to see their friends and grandparents, and they are bored. For them, the NDR and SWR offer every day at 16.00, a read-aloud hour via live stream with the famous children’s book authors, including Cornelia Funke, Kirsten Boie, Isabel Abedi, and Margit Auer. And what if the children want to change to fresh air? In the case of the neighborhood initiative in Eimsbüttel, there is now even a Doodle-list for the use of garden for children.

animals: Many people also offer your help to feed Pets or walk dogs. Others are looking for animal children, so that children can take care of you. Anne Klose of the dog school “Hans the dog” with your dog now, Online seminars for the puppy group at the home office.

music: Many music instructors provide for their students to Online classes, choirs, samples online. Following the example of countries such as Italy and Spain, many people are clapping in Hamburg at 21 clock, open Windows and balconies. You want to thank all of those who receive the care and security during the Corona-crisis. Since a few days, the people sing together, or soloists to play short songs.

This article was written by Carola große-Wilde, Marvin if hold

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