Halloween approaches in America, almost to Christmas. “Happy Halloween,” says the lady with the pretty coffee stand outside my office these days. In my house the landlady distributed sweets on the weekend. And my roommate has put a pumpkin in front of our door.

The Feast of the spirits of the Party of the year is here. I’ve taken this year off to be able to set the mood to witness first hand. On Halloween you will be in California with friends, a Barbecue, plays, laughs, drinks. And to celebrate sometime, we go in a number of lavishly decorated Bars or night clubs to do Halloween properly.

It is haunted!

That the custom does not even come from the USA, does the Party no harm. The Americans have a very special access to the spirit of the stories and places where it’s supposed to be haunted. Translated actually, what “haunted” (: followed) is. There are your own guide, TV shows, and movies. Therefore, it is not surprising that haunted houses and haunted places are visited to Halloween particularly fond of.

Many American cities offer to Halloween events and tours, but a special place is the town of Salem, which is located in the state of Massachusetts takes. In this for new England typical small town North of Boston, found in the 17th century. A century of cruel and mysterious witch trials instead. Salem has been prescribed since the 1970s, the whole of this part of his story: There are several witch museums, a pirate Museum, a wax Museum, several Live Shows, a number of Ghost tours, an Expo for psychics, and a private Festival, Haunted Happenings. You want to make attention to the fact that, even today, is often a modern “witch hunts” take place against minorities.

Halloween at the White house

US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania have been distributed in the garden of the White house on the occasion of the upcoming Halloween Celebration to numerous children’s sweets. Many of the young visitors came in elaborate disguises.

Why is there no Halloween in Switzerland?

Back to the Halloween Festival in my hometown of San Diego. Although I don’t work, I’ll still go to the office. Here, it is in fact commonplace, that on 31. October dressed up for work. It is quite possible that I will meet at a GLANCE-office of the Madonna, the Joker or Spiderman.

In Switzerland, as you know today, Thursday, hardly anything of this custom. Of course, there are also in Zurich, Basel or Bern Halloween parties. Always felt more even. But in Switzerland, the maximum individual children to dress up to get candy. Why not even the adults join in, explained to me by a friend from Zurich, so: “What will people think of me, if I disguised through the city. The my but, I have one.”

Whether it is located in the city of Zurich, arrogance, or simply to the Swiss mentality, I don’t know. I’ve seen as Aargauer that it is actually. At the almost night. Then, the construction worker, the teacher, the Banker in disguise.

So why not on Halloween? It is not a Swiss Tradition, but hey: A Party can’t harm us Swiss also. In this sense: Disguise yourself, and Happy Halloween!