So it appeared such as crocodiles, witches, soldiers, policemen, fairies, skeletons, or super hero. The Trumps had not dressed up for the event on Monday (local time). The South side of the White house, however, was adorned with a seemingly dead black trees slightly creepy. In addition, many pumpkins were used as a Halloween decoration.

Halloween in the USA is celebrated,

Halloween is in the United States on the evening of the 31. October is celebrated this year on Thursday. It is usual that children are dressed by their neighborhoods to pull to the residents of candy to collect. Many of the houses are decorated for Halloween – consuming- in the front yards of plastic skeletons, grave stones, or spin and cavort, for example, weaving. To see frequently also pumpkins, which are typical for the winter Season. They are often hollowed out, with faces and then with a candle Inside is lit.

in 2018, it came to a conflict. A Halloween visit by journalists-children in the White house, the US President, whose parents met in front of the head.

Halloween backgrounds Why do we celebrate Halloween?

There are many legends and backgrounds to the emergence of Halloween. Finally, it is a Mix of various cultural traditions and stories that have developed over the years and a whole shaped. Part of it comes from the Celts, the custom of carved pumpkins is an Irish legend, and the Name was coined, in turn, another holiday.

where does the Name Halloween?

Halloween was derived from the phrase All Hallows’ Eve, which means “the evening before all saints day” On Halloween on October 31. October follows the Catholic holiday of all saints day on 1. November. That Halloween on October 31. October is celebrated very different backgrounds has is but and comes from the Celts.

Why do you celebrate Halloween on October 31. October?

at the Time, in front of over 5000 years, the calendar year of the pagan Celts ended on 31. October. The summer was over, and the cold, dark Season followed.

Why we clad ourselves on Halloween and collect candy?

Also, this custom is attributed to the Celts. On the night of the first day of the new year from the 31. October 1. November, this crossing was known as Samhain, had to return the souls of the deceased of the last year, according to the Faith of the Celts the way to the place of their former life. The ghosts, witches and demons this night, the world returned to calm, put to sacrifices in the Form of food and drinks in front of the front door.

Today, children and sometimes even adults dress up and draw this Spirit forms from house to house and demanding appropriate sacrifices. The Motto “Trick or Treat”, in English “Trick or Treat”, is also likely to be descended from the Celtic Faith. Who did not sacrifice to the spirits, provided, of had to expect that the angry spirits causing damage to the house and residents.

What do pumpkins with Halloween?

from a candle inside the pumpkins lights for Halloween with creepy faces in the night. This custom stems from a legend that Irish immigrants in the United States traditional. According to history, outwitted the Irish Farrier Jack Oldfield the devil, wanted to get this out to him. After his death, he was denied the entrance into heaven, in hell, he could, because the devil had given him his word to bring him to.

the devil Jack sent back to where he came from. The way was cold and windy, so Jack got out of pity, a glowing coal from the fires of hell. This he put in a ausgehölte turnip, which he had taken as provisions. Caught between heaven and hell wandered to Jack’s damned soul from now on through the darkness. So, the result was finally the custom of Turnips to undermine and illuminate with candles. Our turnip lantern procession, therefore, is probably. It became finally the pumpkins is probably just the season, because of the pumpkin heralds the autumn and the large specimens are easier to carve and even more terrifying.

Why carved Halloween faces in the pumpkins?

The legend of Jack-O’ – Lantern, so, Jack with the lantern, saw to it that hollowed-out pumpkins or Turnips were equipped with lights, but the carved faces. This custom comes from the Celts, who carved in the Samhain night face faces made of wood and other materials, and candle-lit.

Placed in the Windows of their houses with the intention of making the ghosts and demons of Samhain-the night knows that there is already a damned soul. They believed, therefore, the house and its inhabitants would not be haunted.

Seven facts about Halloween

Soon Halloween is coming. For those of you who don’t know what that is, we have sought the most important facts together. And a recipe for delicious pumpkin soup found.

the world, Halloween

celebrate Halloween is approaching, and the anticipation of the uncanny Fixed increases. However, as one celebrates the evening before all saints ‘ day elsewhere in the world?