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– This is a skrekkscenario you want to avoid, ” says fylkeslegen of Agder, Anne-Sofie Syvertsen.

Now all of the employees tested, and a separate “koronaavdeling” is created at the nursing home.

Also on the Ternevig care center in Kristiansand is one resident confirmed infected and one inmate is dead.

Kommuneoverlege Dagfinn Haarr describes the situation as completely extreme.

He believes that the defer is in a unique position under the koronaepidemien.

– Where the lives of the very weakest and most vulnerable among us. We have the desire that they should be able to live their life to the end without a nasty virus takes them, ” says Haarr.

He believes there is little they could have done differently to avoid this weekend’s smitteutbrudd.

We did as best we could. This is a situation no one has been up before.

– one must just do, and clean up afterwards.

Kommuneoverlege Dagfinn Haarr in Kristiansand municipality.

Photo: Per-Bill Sandbakk No employees in quarantine

When the Friday was confirmed that one of the residents at the Stones Heyerdahl care center in Kristiansand was infected by koronaviruset, was none of the employees put in quarantine.

When had the nursing home been closed to visitors for two weeks.

the Infection came enough into at the nursing home a week earlier. Then, the damage may have already happened, ” says fylkeslege Anne-Sofie Syvertsen.

Employees were asked to come to work. The infection had already been in the department a week’s time. It would have meant that all employees had to have been sent to quarantine.

Fylkeslegen understand the decision, and points out that it would have been difficult to bring in new staff on a department that is dependent on continuity.

Syvertsen’s not going to create any tilsynssak now.

– It is not the time for it. I have the understanding that they are in a very difficult situation. They must make many decisions in a short time.

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Anne-Sofie Syvertsen, fylkeslege of Agder, realize that the municipality is in a difficult situation with koronaviruset.

Photo: Anne Wirsching / NRK – Tragic

Ragne Quinteros, fylkesleder in the Norwegian nurses ‘ association in Agder, say they fear the situation that has arisen.

– We have been waiting for something like this would happen. I support the municipality in that this is tragic, ” says Quinteros.

She is concerned that it is inserted into other – and enough – smitteverntiltak when the health care provider is not put in quarantine.

– Then it must be made a consideration of which other measures should be done to limit the infection and protect the employees, ” she says.

Fylkeslederen is now in dialogue with both the municipality and the union to find out about smitteverntiltakene that was implemented before the weekend, it was good enough.

We have not done anything with what has happened, but can prevent it from happening again, ” says Quinteros.

Fylkesleder Ragne Quinteros in the Norwegian nurses ‘ association believes decisions from the Kristiansand municipality was not good enough.

Photo: Per-Bill Sandbakk / NRK

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